Living in a World of Comfort with God

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Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God (Isaiah 40:1).

The most important aspect of life is our relationship with God. We cannot attain true comfort without the understanding that we are not just men and women of flesh and blood; we are more than that. We are spiritual beings, created by God, living by the will and Grace of God, even as we suffer in our humanity-made society of greed and lust. Foremost is our acceptance of the heart and soul of God’s Love and how we are an eternal part of this.

The divine principle of Life is man’s likeness with God and His Truth, Life and Love. God made us in His image; pure, perfect, and eternal, not materially promised to die. To paraphrase Proverbs, to be with and love God is the beginning of Wisdom and understanding (9:10). All goodness is perfection, and all perfection is goodness; this is the creation in which we live.

Life, Truth, and Love, the Word of God is eternal. Jesus proved this in reconciling our world with God’s True World. It is only through God that we have true reconciliation. Prayer cannot bring this to bear, only demonstration of God’s Love for one another can accomplish this. Opening our hearts in prayer can, however, lead to acceptance and understanding of God’s Truth. . . Truth for us, Truth for all eternity.

To live in true comfort, we recognize the revelation of God’s True Creation, one of beauty and splendor. When we live in God’s Love, together as God wills us to, then and only then can we enjoy the comfort of the Life and Love of God.

 ©Russell Kendall Carter

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