Thou Art My God

I sometimes worry about finances; do I have enough to last without begging from my children, or at least relying on their kindness? At my age, I also worry about the health of my aging body, my aging mind. This does not have to be, nor is it necessary. Among others, these are false gods mankind raises to unnecessary elevations of importance. God has and always will provide.

The vessel of my life is filled with God’s Love. There is no room for these false gods that try to invade my eternal countenance. My life, as with all lives, is one of the miracles that fulfills God’s law of Love, and I am born and live by and in God’s Grace. Through me God’s creation reappears allowing me to demonstrate its eternal origins, proving once again that there is no power except that of God.

The divine principles of Jesus’s teachings are to this day Life, Truth, and Love. All of these overcame and remain overcoming sin, disease, and death. Our mortal bodies suffer these consequences, but our souls, our spiritual bodies do not, for they are of God; they are eternal. Thus, I need not worry about the material resources in my final years; God provides.

As Jesus brought God back into the consciousness of mankind, so we must do today. God, Thou art my God, but only if I demonstrate this daily by living a life of Truth and Love.

 ©Russell Kendall Carter

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