Creation is Ever Appearing

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God created the heavens and the Earth and all living things in the universe. I believe, or rather I trust, that His creation is an ongoing affair. With each new living creature, be it human, animal, or flora, a new creation begins. Unfortunately, mankind has assumed that creation is all about him, not Him, He who created.

I am also not ignorant, or self-important, enough to believe that the planet Earth has the only living creatures on it. Looking at the universe, seeing the billions and billions of stars out there, I can believe that each star is another Sun and each third planet from this sun is another Earth inhabited by living, breathing creatures. And I do not mean little green men!!!

I am reminded of the story in II Kings about the pour widow who was told to take her one jar of oil and pour it into three urns, and when they were full to sell them so that she could live with her children out of debt. Demonstrating that God’s blessings are both eternally overflowing and never run out.

Jesus demonstrated this in His daily healing and teaching. Jesus demonstrated the ever-present and everlasting power, glory, and blessing of God’s Love daily in His life. I also believe that God does not limit Jesus to a three-year period two thousand years ago. I believe that special divine power, glory, and blessing are still with us. Just as with the widow and her oil, God’s Love, demonstrated through the life of Jesus, remains alive and walking with us today – healing and teaching.

This is true creation ever appearing!

©Russell Kendall Carter

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