A Lamp unto My Feet

May God teach us His ways,

allowing us to walk in His light.

God calls when we are not ready.

when we are not sure.

We are called to serve and bring aid;

we are called to comfort, to heal.

We are called to teach, to lead,

we are called to encourage, to welcome.

We are called to administer,

we are called to bring faith.

We are called to pray, to bring God’s healing touch.

We are called to serve the homeless.

We are called when we are prepared;

even when we are not sure,

we are called by God.

He is the lamp unto our feet

that lights our path.

Inhale the Breath of Life

Inhale the Breath of Life

Our breath renews our bodies,

renews our mentally

renews our spiritually.

During anxiety,

we inhale the love of God,

through and through.

God renews our life;

Our fears shortens our life.

Renewal is for all;

turn to God.

Jesus promises He

will be with us as we fear;

share our fear; Jesus is all ears

God has an open heart;

both await our breath.

all humanity breaths together

this makes us vulnerable

but gives us community,

God’s community.

We exhale fear and

inhale the life spirit,

life spirit fills our lungs;

life spirit fills our souls.


Or is it transfiguration?

We forage our life long,

for signs, for omens,

for portents from on high.

We are incomplete, only a half person,

searching for a soul mate.

God leads us, gives us

our soulmate; this  

completes our unification with Him.

God then celebrates our oneness,

yet we reject this guidance;

we wander through life

continually looking, searching.

For what? God’s grace?

God offers much, yet

man ignores His signs.

God sent Jesus to lead us back;

Jesus reminds us who we are.

Merely looking for signs is not enough!

Simple prayer is not enough!

Nothing in life is good without God;

listening for His voice,

following His lead,

brings returns us to oneness,

brings us our rejuvenation

of soul, of body, of life.

A Room in God’s Mansion

Our Room in God’s Mansion

“Everything that exists and everything that happens

bears witness to the will of God.” Merton

God continually works in our lives;

His love is in our hearts;

His direction is in our souls.

Through prayer, we are strengthened.

We are more vigilant and alert.

Without God, we have no lasting peace,

no lasting stillness, no lasting security.

God brings peace within our souls and hearts;

We seek no rewards for His love,

for His gifts are many.

We Love our neighbor.

We endeavor to do good works

to glorify God in heaven,

for our room in God’s mansion is our soul.

Always with Me

“The Lord is near to the brokenhearted

And saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalms 34: 18

I feel You! You are all around.

I cannot miss the feeling of your presence,

as my life is a joy to live.

I saw you in the face of my children,

when they were born.

I know you are with us,

when we pray in our church prayer corner;

Your comfort is warm;

Your grace is a blessing.

Why do I miss your presence,

when I am in pain and when I am lost,

when I have crossed into an unfamiliar place,

when I am depressed?

Why do I feel alone and abandoned?

Why do I think you are not

with me during these bad times;

why do I doubt your presence?

While on the cross,

Jesus asked why you had forsaken him;

this showed the humanity of Jesus,

the suffering side.

It is the human side of me that doubts.

It is the human side that loses faith.

It is my spiritual side that knows

You are always present in my life.

Walk with Me

“Your word is a lamp to my feet

and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105

Walk with me brothers.

Walk with me sisters. Let us

journey together. Let us

share our Beloved’s bounty. Let us

lift our hearts as one; let us

thank our Beloved for

our gifts. Let us

dis-learn our anger. Let us

free ourselves from frustrations. Let us

struggle together; for without

this union, we are blinded

by the mockery of others; for without

this union, we cannot overcome

those who want us to founder; for without

this union, we cannot realize

our covenant with our Beloved.

Mother’s Day

We celebrate Mother’s Day

It is a day of remembrance

                        of gratitude

We remember those long gone

                        those recently departed

We bless those who brought us life

                        continue life

We are nothing without our mothers

We are nothing with our mothers

when we do not remember them with love

                        with gratitude

                                    with thanksgiving

Is thank you enough

                        do we owe more

                        can we forget



if we do

            we do not love God

God gave us








God’s Eternal Soul

God’s Eternal Soul

Our own personal lives,

that lives with the community

and worship in our churches,

find that we can live only in the now.

All are present in our prayers.

As a congregation we pray

for the Spirit to be with us,

join our souls with Christ.

When we are in a state of grace with Christ,

our soul is translucid  to God, for,

where God does his work within our soul.

God builds His home within us;

It is in the soul; and,

we must lift ourselves and join

with God to receive His glory,

His majesty, and his grace.

Our soul belongs to God

It is where He purifies us.