Our God is Faithful

His Son is called The Word, The Word of God

We know we are blessed and righteous creations for God has so declared. Henceforth, we follow the command He gives to Peter to stop calling what He makes sordid or corrupt; all God makes is unblemished; it is perfect; and God makes everything. Being righteous sons and daughters of God does not make us proud; for God humbles us when we pray, lifting us to great heights. I am not proud for my accomplishments during my life are truly gifts of God freely given and graciously received.

I pray, and in my prayers, I listen for God’s words. Without these words, I cannot pray. God gives me the words when I pray for others; without these , I could not pray to benefit of my brothers and sisters. I know that when I mention a person’s name, God hears and accepts my prayer as a blessing for whom I pray. Words are not necessary.

Expert theologians profess that all scripture is given by the inspiration of God. This is undeniable and obviously true. Our prayers are as the scriptures, inspired by the Love and Truth of God for humanity. The Holy Spirit looks over our shoulders as we pen our prayers for others, hearing our silent thoughts of love and compassion. All love and compassion given by God.

Therefore, I pray Father hear my silent voice as I listen for your loving assistance in my prayers. Your love conquers my timidity in prayer. As Revelation enlightens us, “I saw heaven standing open and thee before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True.” I pray that I walk in God’s faithful and true light.

The Joy of Little Things on This Thanksgiving Day

Jesus walked the earth 2000 years ago; and He dwells within me today. While on earth, He healed the sick, comforted the suffering,  loved, healed, blessed all, forgave all sins, and welcomed all to God’s Kingdom. He lived a simple life, and by following His lighted path, I too can enjoy the simplicity of His life.

When I walk in God’s Love, nobody can harm me. I surrender to God, and learn to live a more faithful and trustful life, recognizing that I am all merely clay formed from the earth by the perfect crafting of God, the master potter.

I stand before Jesus, recognize his human imperfections, and rejoice in his spiritual perfection, God’s Christ, our Christ. I accept the mercy  and goodness offered without restrictions. In Christ and God, I take refuge and live in the support freely offered for my own shortcomings.

I praise the Lord our God with my whole heart, my whole soul. I am delivered from the evils of the world that want to harm me.

Like the Psalmist, I will scourge of the wicked and terrible influences that surround me. I praise the Lord with my whole heart; and I will bless our food in thanksgiving for the grace and blessings of our family, near and far. My love for God and all his creation is everlasting.

“mene, mene, tekel, parsin”

“mene, mene, tekel, parsin”

As I study the scriptures, my mind returns to this dire warning. My meditations on the Old Testament are sometimes filled with this possibility; however, when I turn my prayers to the New Testament of promise, my concern lessens, but does not disappear. Our prayers to the God of Love and Compassion are reassured by His eternal concern for all His children. When we are faithful to Him, our faith brings great spiritual profits, spiritual prosperity, and a very serene spiritual health.

We suffer in our material world; but we have to remind ourselves that when we do suffer, God is holding our hands, keeping us close to His Loving Comfort. His love and faithfulness in us endures forever through eternity. This is the hope the Bible speaks of, as we suffer. When we pray, Abba, Father, our hearts open to all the Grace offered. Through our prayers, peace joy, and confidence flows from us, enwrapping all mankind in the beacon of hope, God’s promised Hope of goodwill and everlasting Love.

We are liberated and we liberate others with this outpouring of Love and brotherhood. We are no longer chained to the limitations placed on us by those who do not follow the lighted path of Jesus. They forego this peace and are bonded by their craving for power and material wealth. They refuse to recognize the glory and peace of God’s Truth, suffering under the pressure of keeping hold of their temporary material enrichment.

I pray that we all live with the promise of Hope, living in the light of spiritual assurance of God’s unwavering Love.

Common Sense

Common Sense

We live in troubled times. Only we can change the direction of society. There is an old song “Our Day Will Come” that promises a better future; well, our time has come; we must rethink everything we have ever learned and bring God into the center of our lives and actions so that our true selves are active and evident to all.

We are called to love our neighbors, welcome the outsider, allow him or her to be a part of the humanity that God created. When we do this, we have no enemies; those we disagree with are just family members with whom we disagree. We love them because they are family and wish them all of the love and blessings freely given to us by God and Grace.

In Romans, we learn that by calling to Abba, Father, we become part of the universal family of God. We are all brothers and sisters. Therefor, our conversations must be deep in our acceptance of reconciliation with each other and recognize that we are no more entitled than our neighbors, and with God’s Love, we can be content with the gifts graciously given by God.

I find that when I recognize that the angels that surround me are messengers from God lively in my prayers, inviting me to be the answer to the crises we face. With God’s help and our striving together, we can and will change society back to a cooperating and loving community, blessed by our Love, our Life, our God.

Meditation on Life

Meditations on Life

My life is teeming with failures, which often follow high expectations. Recently entering the hospital for lumbar fusion surgery, I was disappointed when problems with my scar tissue ceased the surgery and almost ended my life. My gratitude toward the surgeon and the skill he received from God tells me that life with God is Good, exceptionally good! I am both grateful and blessed with God’s Love. We all experience similar setbacks in our lives.

However, life is not always as simple as loving one another and loving God. we are condemned by our own invention of time. Time means nothing to God; we think we are in control of time, but really, we are like Vladimir and Estragon waiting impatiently on our street corner bench for God(ot). Perhaps it is not possible in one brief moment in time for us to forget our self-importance, our self-privilege, and replace them with true compassion and rejoice in our combined relationship with God.  I remember, God always forgives and redeems us for our transgressions.

We think we are self-made successes; we think our destinies are made by our own hands, only. But we are not truly in control; we are part of the expansive family of God, enjoying and basking in the gifts received   without realizing that we must give thanks for all we are given by the goodness and grace of God.

As Fr. Richard Rohr says: “I am in God, God is in you, you are God, we are in each other.” We are all one of a great manifestation created by God. As a member of a church-wide Bible reading group, I am always amazed at God’s disappointment with humanity and then God’s complete forgiveness. Through our gift of free will, we self-destruct every time we think we are masters of the universe. Both the old and new testaments demonstrate  God’s forgiveness for our mislaid self-importance.

We have an unfortunate habit of accepting leaders filled with the concept that they can be the sole deciders of progress, be they social, political, and yes, even our religious leaders. We follow these leaders faithfully, even if they do not accept others’ views. We are trained by first our parents, then our teachers, and finally, by social rules to follow these leaders without question. I read our Bible and discover that often these leaders are not following God’s intent.  

I meditate on Jesus, who walked the earth as a humble man, never demanding that people must do what he commanded. He commanded nothing; He offered a new way to live, the lighted way of God. All of our leaders seem to be too engrossed in the material demands and overlook the fact that a more spiritual outlook may be needed.

We all, our leaders and ourselves, must open our hearts and realize that we are all a part of the great family of God and what we have are gifts freely given. We must humble ourselves before others, accepting their presence in our world-wide family, sharing God’s precious gifts.

Blessings to all my brothers and sisters.

True Strength


We can never be strong alone; we can never walk alone; we need others. In fact, we can never achieve true happiness unless we have each other. As Paul writes to Philemon: “For we have great joy and consolation in thy love, because the bowels of the saints are refreshed by thee, brother.”  We need each other; we are not solitary animals. This is not God’s wish for us. I do not want to succeed or be stronger because I help you. I want to help you because that is what God asks of me. That is why I became a teacher later in life. That is how I grew from the strength and love of my students. I did not ask for it; it did not just happened; it was God’s plan.

I am filled with the manifestation of the Holy Spirit because the good news of all humanity is a blessing from God. We all have knowledge given by Grace; we merely have to

discern the Truth that is at our fingertips. Only God can cure the wounds of mankind; Only God can lead humanity to Truth and Love; however, our love and treatment for each other by working together can reduce the severity of our self-inflicted wounds.

Every step of life begins in the mysticism of God’s eternal Love for us. We turn to God for the countless good works we do for others, because we are invited by God to share our bounties. We are not alone; and, without each other, we are nothing but solitary figures walking aimless in our own pits of depression and anger. We listen for the whispers of God coming from the deserts of our suffering hearts. His breath brings us to life; His breath invites us to community. His breath calls us to unity. His breath invites us to walk in His light and be strengthened by His eternal Love, Wisdom, and Truth.

When we open our houses and open our hearts to the strangers living next to us, we invite God to our tables. We are enriched by the presence of others at our tables, sharing their life stories and how their life stories link with our own. Sitting at our tables, sharing our lives, enriches us beyond all human knowledge and love. Together we are strong. Together we succeed. Together, we do not fear.

God is Love

God is Love

I live in the house of God, as God lives within my soul, my heart. With God in my heart, I am pure love. I am raised from my troubled world, uplifted by Grace. God brings me a song of love from the desert of my mortal life; I hear the beauty of His creation through loving eyes and loving ears. God invites me into His world; He does not require me to follow. That is the simplicity of life with God.

God gave me a free gift, Jesus. And, through Jesus, God gave me free access to His Grace. I merely have to listen, avoiding the cacophony of life and listen for the shouting whispers of His beloved voice. That brings me the effusive fountain of true Wisdom. I seek this gift; I wait; I meditate and pray. I await patiently, for haste causes me to lose my way.

In Micah, I learn to do justice, love blindly, and walk humbly with God. Walk humbly! This is such an easy phrase. This is such an impossible task. I find it a natural thing to do justice and love blindly. I am no better or worse than my neighbor next door or my neighbor on the other side of the world. I offer all people peace, love, and blessings. But to walk humbly is a challenge.

I am now a retired college professor; I began as a street kid in Newark, New Jersey in the 1940s. I worked hard, overcame many struggles, and with the help of God and a loving wife, I finally achieved the goal that God intended all along. Looking back over my 77 years, I take pride in how far I have come. This pride, if allowed, will subdue humility always. Each morning as I meditate on the goodness and lovingness given to me by God through Jesus Christ, I pray to walk humbly for the rest of my days. I thank God for His gifts, and I ask Jesus to help me walk in his sandals. I feel the gift of forgiveness, which cures, redeems, and renews my spirit.

I offer this prayer above with the tenderness with which I am blessed.

Inner Turmoil

Inner Turmoil

Follow Leaders or follow God

Follow the law or follow the commandments

I follow Faith over laws

The wise child follows God

I begin with the Holy Spirit

Water is a necessity for my life

Jesus is the water

I worship not in church but alone

When I confess, I we expose my deepest feelings,

My deepest hurts, my deepest love

With God within, I do not fear

I walk not ride through life

When I am of Grace, I pray for tolerant and patient

When I answer softly, my eyes are of God.