Songs of Moses, Jesus, Martin

Songs of Moses, Jesus, Martin


Moses sings,

“I will sing to the Lord.”

Listen, follow

God’s words

Manna from heaven.

Believe, forgive

Jesus on the cross

Forgives and cries

“why have you forsaken me.”

Martin prays

“I have a dream.”

Live in God’s light,

follow and listen,

forgive and believe,

live and love.

This is all that is asked;

sing and dream

God does not abandon.

She lives within us . . .


A Simple Prayer

A simple prayer


You brought me

from my mother’s womb

to serve my brothers

and my sisters.

At times, I ignore

Your message

and follow

my own path.

All this time,

You are the rock

of my refuge,

but I do not recognize You

in the shadows.

For many years,

I lived outside

of your protective fortress.

You brought me

into the light,

allowing me

to again become

a child of Your light.

I am no longer trying to hide from You.


As You brought the Israelites

From Egypt,

from the horrid slavery

of the Pharaoh,

through the Holy Spirit,

you free me

from the spiritual slavery

of modern society.

I fill my lips

with your praise,

with your glory

for the remainder

of my days.



Glory Revealed

Glory Revealed

nature surrounds with beauty

a snow-capped mount

a river-blessed valley

every inch exalted

a regal condor sharing fresh air

with a tiny garden gnat

a kingly elephant

trembling from a stinging bee

a blue whale balleting

with a school of anchovies

every creature blessed

from a tiny atom

to a massive Jupiter

all share in being blessed

why do we destroy

the glory revealed


Poor in Spirit

Poor in Spirit

“In the beginning was the Word,

And the Word was with God.”

He was born into poverty,

and with the poor He toils.

His spirit is eternity,

no beginning, no end.

His light shines within us,

bringing comfort and grace.

We cry to him from the depths

of our depression and our plight.

We are poor in spirit,

except when we find

His presence in our lives.

Civid 10



Be glad and rejoice

Fear not this Covid

for God hears our voice

ever since the time of David


We are promised life eternal

A concept hard to grab

But God is our internal

We are His Hansom cab


We trust in You, O Lord

Our lives are in your hand

We are of Your accord

As we walk Your holy land


Deliver us from harm

From enemies far and near

Embrace us in Your arms

We are Your volunteers


Be gracious to us now

For we are in distress

We waste away in sorrow

This virus does progress


We live under its scheme

We are its broken vessel

But we walk along Your beam

And in Your love, we nestle

Your Goodness Abounds

Your Goodness Abounds

Your blessings are many.

We share the wisdom given freely.

We are just one creature on Your earth.

You have given us the seas, great, wide, fruitful.

You have blessed the earth with your fullness.

We feed from Your seas and Your earth,

but we are not good shepherds,

destroying all in our paths.

Still, you open Your hands,

filling us with goodness.

You are loving and forgiving;

we come to your presence

asking for your light to shine.

Grant that heaven is truly within;

guide us to restore;

Your earth, Your seas, Your life-giving air

that we may again rejoice

in your plentiful world.


Batter my Heart, Dear God;

Batter my Heart, Dear God;


I am broken by life.

I live to be the rock for others,

but I fail to share Your gifts.

My body is weakened,

captive to society’s commands.

My every breath is consumed

by the desire of others.

Am I helping, O God?

are my efforts to aid

Destroyed by avarice?

Can I restore my soul

And pleasing to your eyes?

I knock on your door

But I get no response.

I am betrothed to your grace

and embraced by your breath.

My love for you is all consuming,

yet life makes me doubt your presence.

Great Father, I ask forgiveness

as I try to rise and stand without You.

Please enthrall my battered heart.





Went to the garden

with three of his own;

wanted their strength,

his misery hath grown.


Fell on his face,

“Father, if it be possible,

let this pass from me;”

was so alone in God’s grace

agony had gripped this sacred plea


Returned to find the three asleep,

“Can you not watch with me?”

Is this vigil so hard to keep?

Then leaves the three.


“Father, I drink it, thy will be done.”

The three still slept; he was alone.


He prayed for forgiveness not strife;

and walked into pain.

He prayed for strength in his short life,

but walked into death with nothing to gain.


In three days, he rose.

defeating all deaths.

And as everyone knows,

it’s God’s gifts He bequeaths.


Comfort in the time of Trial

Comfort in the time of Trial


speak kindly to one another

do not retire angry

share with the needy

tender hearts rule the day


as we are forgiven

obey the voice

of God

within you

within us all

open hearts to

all humanity

do not turn away

from those who displease

make our hearts

be filled with calm waters


as we are comforted


speak kindly to one another

tender hearts rule the day



Six Feet Apart, but Still Hugging and Holding Hands

Six Feet Apart, but Still Hugging and Holding Hands


In these days of being sequestered from friends and family, we do a lot of things differently to fill the time. Although I read the Bible every day, I have taken to meditating more on what I read. Looking at what the Episcopal lectionary asks us to read for Sunday, March 22nd, I am reflecting something that Jeremiah said thousands of years ago, “ And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”

When we walk in the truth of God’s love, our spiritual selves overcome the brokenness of our physical bodies. When we are in trouble, and seek comfort, God answers. Although I cannot be with my children and their families, we touch each other over the phone. I miss the physical hugs but am warmed by the love that comes through the airways.

In this period of Lent, we are meant to join together in celebration of God’s love as brought to us through the teachings of Jesus. This period is a time of relationship, the relationship of all of us to each other and the relationship of all of us with God. Each night, as I retire to bed, I try to bring the faces of the people I worked with or met over my 77 years. I may not always remember their names, but by bringing them into my consciousness, I am both praying for them and remembering the great times we had together.

I also enjoy meeting and talking with new friends that I meet in my daily chores. I miss this part of my life, but I know that  when this present hardship is over, these new friends will be there to share God’s love. As I spiritually walk and meet my fellow brothers and sisters, I know that the light of God’s love and compassion protects us from all evils. We rejoice over the realization that God is a loving God, walking side by side with us or carrying us when we stumble. When we stumble, God delivers love and comfort to us. All we need to do is close our eyes and open our hearts to feel the warmth and glow of true compassion and caring. God rejoices with us when we walk in His Truth. Let us hold hands from a distance, give ourselves air hugs, and enjoy warm hearts in God’s love.