Loving One Another

animal loveLoving One Another

The happiest and most blessed people are the ones who get up every morning and care about others, who will help someone in need or will speak up about any injustice when they see it.  Welcoming others may not be easy, but we must step beyond our fear and practice mutual hospitality that we may learn to love as God loves, knowing ourselves and each other as God’s children, our sisters and brothers.

Loving one another means we are children of God, as Jesus was, inheriting the ability to see His light in the world. And by this simple act of recognition, it becomes perfectly natural that in God’s Kingdom our life is one of relating to all of creation as mother, father, brother, sister. When we know that we are loved, we will quite naturally love in return; our hearts will respond to the call of love with gratitude and affection, with devotion and with an eagerness to please.

Together we can walk boldly toward a vision of a more inclusive and equitable future, one in which there are no more “others” — one in which there is a place for all of our beloved communities.  The idea that we are going to put less value on another person because they are different, or disabled, or because they carry an incurable disease is loathing to us.

We are taught to love one another; how can we go against all that matters and belittle the life of any other human being? The answer is we cannot and be happy and blessed.


Great Joy and Great Love

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Great Joy and Great Love

There is great joy in this journey called life; it’s difficult and weary, but rewarding and plentiful. Many of us growl and moan, much like bears and camels. We all search for a utopia, not knowing it is within us, at least within our power to acknowledge.

When we work together, we develop our mutual talents to work for the benefit of all mankind. When we are brothers and sisters, working together, we can be successful in working for the grace that life offers. Two, or more, are always better than one, because in their mutual efforts, each is lifted to greater heights.

When we recognize that selfishness and greed only causes misery and discord, we can avoid mutual destruction. God rewards us when we love and respect each other. We are comforted by our mutual love, not by our mutual discord.

It is when we love each other the most intensely and most humanly that we can recognize how real our love for others truly is. The keenness and intensity of this love brings us joy.



way of life


It is the obligation of all of us as a member of mankind to care for one another. Every living soul is an important link in the success of mankind. Let no one be lost through negligence, ignorance or pride; but let each be continually fortified and strengthened with love to each other.

We must be persistent in this endeavor; otherwise we will fail to nourish ourselves and our earth. We must be bound by the love that God gives us; the love of and for God and the love of and for each other. This, surely, is everlasting strength against those who are more concerned with themselves than with mankind.

Life is not what we make on our own; this is just a form of ego and greed. Life is the contribution that everyone we meet, those who touched us, who looked at us, saw the beauty of God within us.

Those who touch us add to our life-giving and love-giving experiences. Those who we allow in our lives become a permanent part of our lives and have been a permanent influence on our lives. This is the way we love each other; this is the way we love God.

Bread of Life


The Bread of Life

Bread has been the staple of life since man first walked on Earth. Wars in Europe have been fought over the shortage of bread. For many people on Earth, bread remains a key staple in feeding themselves and their families.

Jesus sanctified bread during his last supper with his disciples.

In our modern world, the term bread means money; money has become the new irreplaceable staple of life. Bread is the world of cut-throat economies, soaring credit and debt (just look out our national debt), high costs of education, and the high cost of feeding ourselves and one another. Greed has taken over to replace the sanctification of bread.

We have sold our future to the dark side of bread. No longer are we willing to sacrifice our own comforts for the benefits of others. This is too limiting for the future of our country and the future of our own beings.

We cannot be selfish with what God provides. All is meant to be shared.

Life should be open to all; humaneness is something that is possible, only if we are willing to share, share both kinds of bread. We cannot allow greed to withhold life from those in need.

Life is a miracle. We must generate the sharing of this and organize our society to see whether we can indeed eliminate despair and suffer. Sharing is the key; sharing bread is the key; sharing the bread of life is the key. The success of our community demands this effortless deed. This is a simple request of God, simple to do.

It is when we love the most intensely and most humanly that we can recognize how tepid is our love for others. When you love people, you see all the good in them.




Consciousness is defined as the awareness of one’s own existence, one’s own sensations, thoughts, and surroundings. This disregards any awareness of these same factors in others. So, I like to think of consciousness as mindfulness, and not in the philosophical or metaphysical mode. I mean mindfulness in that fact that there are others in this world besides me, or my limited view of the surrounding world.

I read many different types of books and magazines. I cannot understand some of the things that I read, such as a young boy or girl in Africa having to walk miles to get a bucket of fresh water. When I was their age, we were not monetarily rich, but I could walk over to the faucet in the kitchen and get fresh water to drink.

I think I can say that I am aware of the conditions that others live in; but I also like to think that I am mindful of the problems these conditions are for the people. They do not share in the wealth of the European world. The boy or girl fetching water is happy for fresh water, where I am complacent due to the ease of having a drink of water.

Complacency is not happiness. This is am very mindful of. The fact that I am complacent with a cup of fresh water can mean that fresh water is something I deserve. It is my right to have this. And, in current western society, the idea of deserving more is troublesome. If I deserve more, then someone deserves less.

I am mindful; I am conscious of the fact that I do not deserve more just because I live in middle class, western society I am mindful of the fact that my pleasures are achieved by the sacrifice of others. I am also mindful of the fact that this is not the way things should be. This is not the way things can continue. We must do something to change this.

My call is to talk with people with the idea that we can soften our demand for what we deserve and risk a little discomfort on our part for others to benefit from the basics in life. I pray that this is the lighted path.  

One Family

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One Family  

I attended a meeting on diocesan race and reconciliation this morning. I can never understand how people can look at someone who is slightly different and can automatically assume that he is different, unequal, not worthy. I look at others as member of my family.

I am not an expert on all religions, but I do know that most (all?) of the religions on this planet have a creation story begins with one man, created by a god. Being a product of a Judeo-Christian upbringing, I was raised with the biblical story of Adam in the Garden of Eden.

Although I am not a literalist, I do understand that the message in the story, and those in other religions, is that if we are in fact all descended from one man, then we are one family. That family is the human race.

I cannot judge a person by how he looks, or what color he is, or what religion he practices, or what gender he identifies with. He is my brother, related through the original man.

I call men my brother and women my sister. We are all children of God and therefore are all deserving of whatever this planet Earth can provide. God loves us all.



God within Us

god within

The Spirit of God is within us – February 1 2019

When we feel that we are not successful or happy, we have to look inside of ourselves and think about what we do and where we are in life. If we are truly children of God. And I believe we all are, we are led by His Spirit; we just have to recognize this. Jesus often told us that God is within us.

I faltered, was unhappy, and felt that I was a failure. This went on for years before I was asked why I was not a teacher; God opened doors for me and within a short period of time, I was beginning a great career as a teacher and then college professor.

The only thing different? I heard the voice of God within me. I say that God healed me, but in reality, He opened my eyes to what I was not doing. When I saw His Light, my path was clear.

Faith led me to comfort, God’s comfort. I was then able to relate to the love of all mankind. Faith led me to love; love led me to be active in love, which led me to a life of service to other, which I still continue to this day,

My friends, look inside yourself to listen to God. It may take a little time, but it will prove to be a life changer.