My Lament, O God

I hurt, O God

Why, O God

My body cannot rest

Torn by pain, my mind

Wandering, wondering

Where are You, Lord

You are Father

You are Mother

Why cannot I find You, loving God

My brain suffers Your abandon

In my sleep I see Your children

Torn from loving parents

Why cannot I see You, O Lord

I see the refugee

Suffering in his cell

Where are you, Lord

My eyes are burnt

By the homeless mother

Begging for a few coins

To feed her children

To feed Your children

To comfort Your children

Why cannot I see you, Holy Spirit

Why cannot I see you

As I suffer in pain

Why cannot I see you

As my mind pictures

Your poor children

Why cannot I see you

You are my savior, loving Jesus

You suffered for us all

But we suffer

But we hurt

But we sorrow

Am I blinded by my birth, O Lord

That I cannot see goodness

In these faces that You created

Why cannot I see You in these faces

That You created

I suffer with my people, Dear God

I suffer with Your children, Loving Father

Why cannot I see you

Why cannot I see you

And Benevolence Shines Forth.

St. Bonaventure said: “The creator’s supreme power, wisdom, and benevolence shine forth through all created things.”

Although I believe that the bible, as holy and righteous as it is, is merely a blueprint for us to follow in our lives. There is no way that we can equate our lives to the lives of the ancient Israelites or the residents of Israel in the fist and second centuries, current era. That’s why I sometimes refer to the Bible as a metaphor for life. It is my inspiration for living; but I cannot take the Bible literally.

There was not a scribe or a cinematographer in Bethlehem when Jesus was born. The story of the birth comes to us through the ages written and rewritten by men, inspired by God, by merely mortal men. Saying this, and I know I have offended people, I do believe that we can take the words of St. Bonaventure literally. I do believe that God’s light shines in all of His creation. From the lowly slug in my garden, to the eagle soaring in the air, to humanity.

We are the great benefactors and stewards of all that God created. It is our duty to preserve it for those who follow. We have not done so. God did not stop talking after John wrote Revelation. He continues to speak to us today through our prayers, our service to others, and our respect for all of His creation. We have a choice, either we love all of God’s creation, and I mean all, or we have no love at all; we have no capacity to love.

Jesus said that we cannot love Him, if we do not love the poorest of the poor, the refugee, the downtrodden, the mentally ill, the people of different faiths, with different skin tones. God shines his light on all of us.

Our very life,  life with God within us is a communion of love that flows from God to our hearts and continues to shine for all whom we meet. God says yes to all His creation; we cannot say no to any of it and love God.

When I say that I love you, I am saying that I love the fact that you also are a cherished creation of God. I do not know you, where you come from, or how you pray, but you were created by the same creator as I was; therefore, you are perfect in my eyes. And, I am proud to live with you.

In the Beginning


“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,

and the Word was God.” John 1:1

What a remarkable way to begin a thought, a meditation, or a prayer!! I know that I am very comfortable knowing that God always was, always is, and always will be. I know that my biological parents helped raise me to the man I am today, but I was not created without the will of God. He shined light on my parents, when I was conceived, and continued to shine this light on them and me, as I matured.

John the baptizer lived to spread the Word of the coming God on earth; I believe it is our duty to do the same. We are here because of the grace of God and therefore we should spread his light to those we meet. This chapter of John the disciple continues by saying that the Word became flesh; this was Jesus, God among us, who taught us that God is within us also.

All of His fullness, we also have received; we just do not recognize this within ourselves or within others. I think it about time that we look for this. Our world is so corrupt that many have forgotten his important lesson. We are God’s children, made of Him, conceived by Him. I have many friends who do not believe this, but I pray that someday they will realize this. I did not when I was younger; I was too into myself and my success to think that anyone other than myself created my successes.

John says that no man has seen God; true, but I feel Him in my life. Looking back at my successes, I can now see God’s hand in everything. When I see the trials that were in front of me, I see the hands of God guiding me through to see the light. I have opened my heart to listen to what God says. I agree with the disciple John, when he says: “Hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man.

Look closely, my brothers and sisters, the angels of God descend on us all, every day.


For tomorrow may rain, so, I’ll follow the sun

Jesus said not to assume the He came to bring peace to the earth. He did not come to bring peace, but a sword. What did He mean by that? By reading the Gospels and then the letters of Paul, we learn that Jesus was not on earth to placate the political and religious leaders of the time; he came to bring peace and love to humanity, but these same leaders refused to accept him and put him to death; at least they put him to human death.

Jesus was chosen by God to lead God’s people into the lighted path peace, love, and eternal life, the things that God promised as far back as the Garden. Jesus in turn calls us to lead our people. He asks us to do what is set before us; of course, we must recognize the fact the God and Jesus are inside of us always, talking to us, but we seldom listen.

We should listen to God always; he calls us to do things that sometimes are out of our comfort zone. I was over 50 before I realized that God want me to teach; once I did, I loved it; there was no hesitation. Since then, I have taken advantage of everything that God has placed before me, without reservation. I am not perfect, or even flawless; but with God’s help, I am resilient; God has given me the ability, as He does for all of us, to recover from our failures, reset our direction, and continue in His light.

When we recognize what God had in store for us, we are able to adjust, reboot it that is a better word, to any situation. I trust what God puts on my plate; I know that what is there will benefit all whom I meet. I know that God loves me without reservation; I am faithful to God, and I know He is faithful to me. I know this from the successes I have had since realizing His presence in my life.

Proverbs tells us “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what the day will bring.” Walter Payton put it in his words, “tomorrow is promised to no one.” We do not know, nor do we rally want to know what is going to occur tomorrow; I trust that God will keep my physical body going for a little longer, so that I can continue to write, be a prayer minister, and bring love into everyone’s heart.

That is what God has set before me. I trust that this enlightens those I touch. And, like Jesus, I am rebuffed and scorned by many people. But this is my calling. This is my duty to the people I meet. From the song of the same name, my philosophy is, “For tomorrow may rain, so, I’ll follow the sun.”

Wisdom 3

We are in the hands of God, and therefore, we are protected from times of trial. Beings God’s own, our spiritual lives are eternal.

Accept the criticisms and doubt of others, they seem to think that we are in the wrong; we have no idea what life is truly like. By being in the hands of God, we live in a state of peace. This peace allows us to love all humanity. Even though we may be ignored or abused by those who do not think of love in their daily lives, our hope is in the future, a future full of immortal love. This is true no matter how hated-filled words permeate society.

This life of love, and love of life, allows us to dance in the face of derision, shine in the dark days of hatefulness. The Wisdom of Solomon says: “Whosoever puts trust in him shall understand the truth: and such as be faithful in love shall abide with Him: for grace and mercy is to His saints, and He hath care for His elect.” Eventually, maybe not in my lifetime, Love and Peace will rule over the world, and when it does, all humanity will be forgiven.

Glorious is the fruit of humanity’s works, for the roots of wisdom and love will never fall away. May God bless you in your journey of Love today.





The Hour is Now

True worshipers worship God, by whatever name they call Him. God wants to praise us, give us His grace, and give us the lighted path to walk. I am reminded of the story of the blind beggar in Jericho, who recognized that Jesus was near and begged that Jesus restore his sight. Jesus’s response was simple: “your faith has made you well.” As with this beggar, we also pray that God hears us; our response to prayers is “Lord, hear our prayers.” We want God to hear us, not hiding from us. We know he is with on the shining light path, but we fear that he abandons us during times of trial. We want him to hear us pleading.

God is merciful; He breathes life into us each morning as we rise. He allows us to walk in His loving light. When we walk in His light, we are walking in the way of peace and love. We should not want it any other way. We hide our anger to allow our love to shine through; this way we share God’s lighted path. When we walk in God’s light, we are walking with humility, love, and faith; we are safe; no one can harm us.  

Walk with gladness and joy in your heart, watch sorrow and hardships fall away before you.



Wisdom: 1

An exhortation to seek God sincerely, who cannot be deceived, and desireth not our death.

The book Wisdom in the Apocrypha gives us many connection to God. For some reason, the religious leaders who put together the first Christian Bible in the last half of the first century CE neglected to place these important books in our Christian Bibles. As the apostle Paul the writer of Ephesians says, we must put on our feet (bring into our hearts) whatever makes us ready to accept God in our lives.

True wisdom does not enter a mind filled with hatred and bias. By loving justice, we are filling our lives with the goodness of God. God’s wisdom that He gives us through Grace is benevolent. He listens for our words and deeds of kindness and love toward each other. The love we receive from God and pass to others fills the world with peace and wisdom that only He can give and only we can share.

We cannot be jealous of others, even in our own thoughts and personal habits, for God hears everything we think. We cannot hide anything from God, after all, He is within us always. Our negative thoughts do not help our own existence, much less that of others. God created life for all living creatures and what they may be for the benefit of all.

God’s love and the love we pass to others lives throughout eternity. Nothing can change this, except God. And, he will not stop anything that passes His love to others. In our personal covenants with God, remember to share what He so gracefully gives us. Wealth that is not shared benefits no-one.