Not Seeing is Believing

Moments of loneliness each day

threaten our thoughts of safety,

extending times of spiritual drought;

believe in Him who has no bodily image.

He gives us our breath;

He gives us our talents.

He gives us Love, so that we may love.

Difficult times may smother us with doubt;

yet we stand on His truth for strength. 

Though we have not seen Him,

we love Him; we believe Him.

Our faith carries us to comfort.

Receive His gifts and share your gifts!

Receive Love; and share Love!

God is with you today,

as He was yesterday.

See Him with your open heart.

© Russell Kendall Carter

Our True freedom

Walk, drive to an open field;

turn to face all points of the compass;

feel the freedom in the air,

the desire to spread your wings.

What direction to take?

Discard all that hinders;

close your eyes;

Look upward; pray for guidance.

Remember your responses,

to pain, to failures, to struggles,

to loneliness.

Be patient, stand firm;

feel the presence of God within;

feel the eternal love, the faithfulness,

that only God knows to give.

We are made in His image;

He is the preface and the epilog,

the author of our lives.

We trust in God’s goodness,

even when life tries to defeat.

Think of the times we felt alone,

in our self-made desert.

Did we feel His presence?

As we stand in this field,

can we feel His presence;

seek God in this open space;

it is not around you;

it is within you . . . waiting,

waiting to notice this gift of presence.

Seek God within; do not weary on this path;

be grateful for this beauty.

It surrounds, it is within!

Engulf this freedom felt in the field;

return home with the openness,

felt in the field of God’s creation.

Trust in God’s presence.

Feel the freedom only He can give.

© Russell Kendall Carter

Tent Meetings

I don’t know if religious people practice their religion in real tents anymore, but I do know that modern day tents are called churches. For some reason, maybe just for the comfort of humanity, we built these wood and stone edifices to our God. I don’t believe that putting God in a building is what He wants of us. If we take the Love and Grace of God into the world, we are serving our fellow man as God wishes.

I don’t want to enclose God in a building. I want to feel God in the freedom of fresh air, the rising of the sun, and the chill of a rainy morning in a forest. I find God awaiting me there. It is in the open that I hear God’s message. It is here that I see that God gave us this planet Earth for the benefit of all humanity. God’s gift is to be shared by all of His creation.

When I look at the people who live in the southern half of this planet, I see unimaginable poverty, people living not just day by day, but minute by minute. Two thirds of these people are below poverty standards, even in these poorer countries. The people live in conditions that would shock people in the northern hemisphere. We cannot look at the condition of these people and say we follow the light of Jesus.

We cannot abandon these people; nor can we leave the lives of these people to suffer under governments that are not wealthy enough to lift these people from their physical and psychological destinies. This must be a joint effort of the wealthier northern-hemisphere countries;  one country cannot do this alone.

We are free, brothers and sisters to go our own way, or to look and see those suffering in poverty and help lift them. Everything God gives us is to be shared; only greed and ego get in the way. Our gifts are meant to be shared; by sharing, we empty ourselves of the past and are ready to fill our hearts with the newness of tomorrow. This is the liberating effect of God’s presence.

Without God we do not have anything to offer to ourselves or to others. What we do have is the goodness of our hearts and the graciousness of our gifts to be shared. That is our gift; that is our inner peace. That is what we learn in our tent meetings.

© Russell Kendall Carter

Become a Leader


God speaks, we listen.

Go and spread Love;

lead the way to forgiveness;

show others the greatness

that surrounds them daily.

There is a yearning in your heart

that brings God’s light into darkness;

fill others with your yearning.

His light will enrich a world,

yearning for Your peace

We are born of creation;

lead others to His Truth.

Together we overcome all evil;

bring others to God’s light.

Be a leader for God.

© Russell Kendall Carter

Godly Principles

It is said, “let godly principles guide.” Not so easy to do all the time, as I long ago discovered. We try to live according to God’s principles, but life gets in the way. In my life, my path of light to walk upon has been disturbed by my time in the military during the 1960s, my children crying in the night, and physical problems that have interrupted my path. Our mortal existence does not make walking on the lighted way shown by Jesus easy to navigate.

Thusly, I try a new way; I seek what God is asking of me today; how He is speaking to me about my wholeness with all of humanity, all of His sacred creation. In my morning meditation, I pray, I pledge my life to God’s will, I renew my faith in His loving comfort. But when I lack in conviction perhaps if I abandon the word faith and substitute the word certainty, I am better prepared to let godly principles guide. This substitutes a doubt with a conviction. Realizing this, I no longer walk in a desert of my life; although I plan my day and my life, I know that it is God who guides my steps, because I trust.

I accept God’s challenge to see others as He sees them, welcoming them into my life as a long-lost brother or sister. I accept Jesus’s invitation to share and allow God’s compassion to be realized by all. I pray for all to know that God’s will is not suffering, but goodness and life. We live by God’s power and with His power, we serve others, bringing them to love and goodness. Let our lives life through our hearts, keeping God’s peace and love. Our relationship with others as we walk Jesus’s lighted path is our only hope. We need our inter-relationships. Only together can we benefit from God.

© Russell Kendall Carter

Myths or Stories?

Many times, I ask the question if there is a difference between a story and a myth. Modern language classifies a myth as something imagined, not real, a story of lore that people created to answer a question. In olden times, a myth represented a truth, something that occurred in the past to explain why or how something occurred and what the meaning was.

A story, on the other hand, creates a remembrance of an historical past, sometimes fancified to make a point, sometimes sanctified to create an ism. A story can be true or fiction, can instruct or amuse, but will always make a point. I see the similarity.

When I read the Bible, the first story we read, hear, and are taught, is the story of Adam and Eve. Is this a true story, a mythical story, or just something someone created to explain the relationship between God and man? There were no cameras in the garden, nor were there scribes writing everything down. Is the story of the Garden of Eden true or myth? That, my friends, is up to you and how you believe.

I can tell you a story of my life; I lived it, experiencing every event as I remember it. How much is true and how much is imagined we may never be known. Even the memory of these events changes over time in my mind. I ask if a certain element is true or has my current situation altered my definition of what occurred. Is my life a story or a myth?

Is God a myth? Well, if I think of it as the ancients did, I say no, God is not a myth. The story of God and His relationship with humanity is especially important to me. However, I do not take all of the stories literally; the scribes who wrote the words in our Bible were describing things as they learned them, stories handed down through the centuries; all stories are important to me. Are they true? To me some are absolutely true, but some are what I would call modern day myths that are related to bring my thinking into what I refer to as spiritual enlightenment. All stories in the Bible have a meaning to me, whether myth or fact. The messages contained in them are as true today as several thousand years ago.

And to be perfectly honest, spiritual enlightenment itself may be a myth in my own mind. When I read the story of Jesus in the Garden before His arrest, however, I cry. I can feel and hear the anguish in His voice as He asks Abba if this cup can be taken from Him. This is not a myth; this is a human begging his father for relief from what is to come. It is something I have asked God many times; but as with Jesus, God lifts me from my anguish and heals me, bringing me into a new life.

My Bible contains 84 books, including the Apocrypha; each is a unique story, and within each are many stories; myths? Maybe, but stories that I revisit daily because there is truth in their telling.

The period of Lent is fast upon us. We revisit our own journey in the desert during this time; our forty days are for us for self-examination, repentance, and returning to the heart of God. We relate to the temptations and loneliness that Jesus experienced. We are all Jesus in the wilderness.

We emulate Jesus in this time to attain our destinies, or at least as far as our earthly existence permits. We are as broken as Jesus was in these days; our healing by God confirms that we are at one with Him and all of His creation. – if we are to become truly whole, unbroken units – we must feel and know ourselves to be one, not only with God and humanity, but also with nature. Our hearts open to love all of humanity, all of God’s creation.

Just as Jesus was named as God’s son after baptism by John, we are named as God’s children when Jesus rises from His tomb to live within us.

Fruits of the Spirit

The Fruit of the Holy Spirit is Love, Kindness, and Faith. With these, we grow in understanding the true value of the fruit of the Spirit. We sing with joy when God assures us that He is our refuge and strength and present when help is sorely needed.

When we do God’s will, we are His disciples, always caring, always giving. It is all He asks of us. We practice our caring as Jesus did; He was not just concerned with the soul of a person; He was also very concerned with the health of the physical body. This is so evident in His healings. We care for the entire person.

Our days of searching through prayer are blessed when we  share our concerns and the concerns of others. As we have these conversation, many questions are raised and at times answered. We always await God’s response knowing that He does not work on our time; there is no time in God’s world; there is only eternity.

When we understand this, we stop demanding certain results, knowing that the clarity of God’s Love and caring is our security blanket. When we give ourselves fully to God’s wishes, we are rewarded with the knowledge that we have shared the blessings we receive with all people, and if we really care, with all of God’s creation. We are God’s church, bringing love and comfort to our neighbors in all of humanity.

God bonds us together in Love; let us respond in kind. Let us share the fruits of God’s Spirit.

Becoming Unveiled to Trepidation

By the end of each day, I feel that I am a lost sheep from the turmoil of our tumultuous days. It is like I have been set adrift on a sea of danger. I meditate to rediscover the anchor that secures me to God’s goodness. I long for quietude; letting go of my false assumptions, I turn to God and accept His guidance. I again find the exhilarating brightness of God’s Light and Truth, accepting the mystery of my relationship with my Lord.

God looks into my heart and the veil of doubts is removed by His Love. I retire to my bed comforted by this revelation that is open to me in His light. My nightly rest is free from dreams of misfortune and apprehension. When I awaken to the new day, I am refreshed and solidly on the path that Jesus walked, loving my known and unknow friends. I praise the Lord for His Love and Comfort.

Direction and Discernment

Truth will come with the Holy Spirit and will guide me onto the path of righteousness. What will I do today for life is very complicated. Following Jesus, I know that I must keep my life simple, love God, love others and myself. In my meditation I search for the One who brings Truth. I search for the spiritual truth and when finding it, I know that my direction will be beneficial to all.

I recognize the differences in all of my brothers and sisters, but I know that they also are created in God’s image and offer me the chance to see the true source of Revelation. In the midst of the hard times in our society, I avoid the temptations that keep us separated from each other; I recognize God’s goodness and love in all whom I meet. I do not withhold the love I feel toward each of the different people I meet. When doing this, I gain a lifelong friend.

The goodness of all people shines within me; I am truly blessed. I may not fully understand all of the teachings of Jesus, but I know that by divining the true direction God wants me to follow through the blessings of Jesus, I am on the correct direction for my life. May the love of God and the Wisdom of Jesus shine in me for me to share with others.

© Russell Kendall Carter


Become a Messenger

God spoke to the Israelites through messengers, called prophets. It did not matter what the Israelites did, God sent them blessings and sometimes punishments. Looking back at that time, I sometimes feel that God was harsh towards his chosen people, but most of the time, I also yearn for that type of simplicity and dependence on God in our present society.

We also learn in John, that the Word was made flesh, and through Jesus, we are blessed to experience the full Grace and Truth that God offers us. Jesus remains a partner in our lives if we only remain quiet enough to hear His loving words. He is the Word.

I am blessed to have the time each day to scrub the current problematic thoughts from my head to have an open conversation with our Lord. During my daily faith readings and meditation, I can eliminate the distractions in my life and turn to God for his presence each morning. This allows me to avoid those overwhelming thoughts and feelings that permeate our moral lives.

Presently, I know that as a single human, I am weak, but with the faith of others around me, I am blessed with their presence and the added benefit of God within us all. Gracious God, I pray that Your light continues to brighten my life and allow me to continue to share this light with all whom I meet. Allow me to be Your messenger.

© Russell Kendall Carter