Listen for His Voice

Listen for His Voice

I heard a loud voice,

deep within my soul.

What you try without Me will fail;

what I do through you is eternal.

Life grows abundant, untamed,

and out of your control,

in places you have never before seen.

The great agitation that parches

your being, your heart, will be wiped away.

Through Me, your inner strength

will bring light to your efforts

and shine before men.

During this time of terrible unpeace in the world,

you will see that life will live to its fullest.

All of your brothers and sisters will be welcomed

in My new world,

because I have many places

in My heart for all to flourish.

With Me in your hearts,

we will bring peace and love

to all who listen, to all who believe.




We are not objects to be tossed aside;

we are destined for something greater.

What we can accomplish

is not defined by others;

rooted in God’s eternal gracet

giving us a nobility

not bestowed by man.

This is the love of God,

revealed to us, when

we enter the life,

glorifying God


I don’t mean just the priests;

teachers do God’s will;

nurses do God’s will,

The post man and truck driver, too.

Doctors and trash collectors,

Lawyers and shopkeepers,

all do God’s will.


We must be who we must be;

our paths are open to us.

What we choose to do,

if we do in God’s name,

is glorified by the most high.

In God’s eyes,

we are all His children,

equal in His eyes.




In Loving God

We say that we love God;

but do we? . . . Really?

We say we love our neighbor;

but do we? . . . Really?

We say we love ourselves;

but do we? . . . Really?


Can we love an assassin?

Too hard!

Can we love the murder hornet?

Too hard!

Can we love the cockroach,

crawling from our toilet?

Too hard!

Can we love the ants,

eating the sugar on our kitchen counter?

Too hard!


Start with something more humble:

the pebble we kick down the street,

0r the dirt we sweep from our walk.

Are not these also part of God’s creation?

Is this what Bonaventure means,

when he says to start with the very humblest things?





“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’  All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” Jesus, Matthew 22.


“To work up to loving God, start by loving the very humblest things, and then move up from there.” St Bonaventure (1221-1274)



Seeing the World

Seeing the World

blinded – so we cannot see . . .

invisible objects, invisible people.

We are terrible about not seeing;

we see broken people as annoyances.

Thusly, they are blessings’

the more broken they are,

the more of God’s blessings

they deserve, they receive.

The weak, the broken,

the poor, the outcasts

cannot go forward alone

without us.

Our defects are

our blinded-ness to them.

Jesus helps us to see

in His glory; Jesus fixed his eyes

on those we do not see.

We can receive;

we can allow the invisible . . .

to receive

God’s Grace,

God’s Peace.

We must see the world

as Jesus saw it.

Have You ever Seen the Rain

“Have You Ever Seen the Rain”

A reflection on the masterpiece by John Fogerty of CCR.

I am calm before the storm,

And my sunny days turn to rain.

Or, is it just my imagination

that I live in a storm.

It’s called life, my friend, but

“I wanna know – – – Have you ever seen the rain?*”

We are filled with doubts,

And expectations, and promises,

but nothing is promised us

except hard work and conformity.

We are forced to be like others.

Don’t rock the boat, go for the big bucks,

they say.

I did once but was unhappy.

When I stopped the chase,

The rain stopped,

“comin’ down on a sunny day, Yeah!*”

Now the rain is merely liquid sunshine

“shinin’ down like water . . .*”


*Words in quotes are from his song.

God’s Presence

God’s Presence


“The earth is the Lord’s and all that’s within it.”

So says David, the psalmist.

We are in it and are His.

We seek the blessing of God,

but cannot find it.

We seek the face of God,

but cannot find it.

We seek the presence of God,

but cannot find it.

We seek the grace of God,

but cannot find it.

We receive His blessings and His face

and His presence and His grace.

We must stop searching in vain.

For we are His blessings; we are His face;

We are His presence and grace.

We are of God and God is of us.

We cannot enter God’s presence,  

for we are created as a part of Him!





Be Not Far from Me

Be Not Far from Me


Stand our grounds; keep away, six feet, at least.

Protect me – from you; protect you – from me.

Not You, gracious God; You are the creator of my salvations.

I obey all your invitations and follow your way.

I hear your precepts, from the time of my youth,

but often I have been frenzied by distractions in my life.

Jesus says, whenever – two or more meet in His name;

He will be with us always.

How can that be?


Six feet apart means no holding hands in prayer,

no hugging to enrich the love that God gives.

How can that be?

We Zoom into and out of our meetings;

close, yet so far away; joining in Christ’s name to pray;

to read our Bible, His words, His invitations;

His prayers for others in our writing

and in our speaking.

So far apart, but so near in our love!

Christ is not between us; He is pulling us together!

Fulfilling God’s promise, for He will never be far from us.

We will never be far from Him.

We will never be far apart.

Thanks be to God!


You are Mine

You are Mine


Gracious God,

our human weakness

makes us worthy.

We lift up our souls;

we long to offer peace and love

to all Your worthy children.

Your word brings us peace.

We seek to help those in need,

as are your wishes.

Allow us to teach others

the path You have shown us.

As the Samaritan did, we bring

Your light to those in need.

Gracious God, Your nearness

to us is our blessing.

A Simple Prayer

A Prayer


Gracious God,

hidden but so near;

You work is within us,

holding our hands and hearts

through trying times.

Awaken us with your love,

As we pray for those we love,

and for those who are lost,

even if they are enemies,

for nobody is a true enemy.

We pray even when we think

times are hopeless,

as they seem now.

Keep us all in your special care,

so miracles can happen;

for our kingdom is your kingdom . . . forever.


God’s Promise

God’s Promise (Isaiah 65)


My new world is about;

rejoice, be glad.

Grieve no more;

the past is yore.

Enjoy renewed long life

in My new pastures,

partaking My nourishing banquet;

you do not suffer in vain;

your children will enjoy

a wonderful, longer life.

I will be with them forever!

adversaries will no longer be;

destruction will be forgotten.

My holy mountain is yours . . .