Speaking in Tongues

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I read in Genesis 11 that the Lord punished mankind for building the tower of Babel: “The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language, they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.” Mankind overstepped what God allows. We are again defying God, but our speaking in tongues may not be an unfamiliar language as in Genesis but may very well be in the understanding of the common words spoken.

It is now very obvious that the teaching from Jesus of Divine Life, Truth, and Love means nothing today. Yes, we pray; we attend church; but we do not live in harmony with ourselves or with God. We are glued to the false reality of the power of money. Our leaders are corrupted by money and fail to work for the people they represent. As soon as they finish praying for the murder of little children, they rush out to bow before and lust after the money of politics.

We need to reverse this pandemic of greed and recognize the eternal life-giver. God is our creator and protector; let us speak to Him and listen for His voice in a clear language unencumbered by money. Thou shall have no other gods before me. What is so difficult to understand in this first commandment? This is much stronger than the second amendment.

When we learn the way of God, truly learn, and practice it, we recognize the perfect spirituality of man in God’s Creation. The shining light that led the Israelites through the wilderness still shines for us, to lead us from our homemade wilderness of greed and apathy. Let us call out the Spirit of God in a language all can understand and allow the Spirit to strengthen us with God’s blessings.

 ©Russell Kendall Carter

Being Dreamers and Seekers

“I have a dream. . . that one day. . . !” These are famous words from a famous speech, words that are just as true today. I am a dreamer; I dream of a day when all of God’s children, regardless of color or sexual orientation, can live together in respect and love. I am a dreamer because I envision this daily in my periods of meditation. This is God’s will!

To be a dreamer is not just wishing for the unreachable dream. It is seeing the world that God created as He created it. This is a world of Love, Life, and Truth! We love as God intended, without hatred or prejudice, living an eternal spiritual life. We all are created of God from the Holy Spirit that always dwells within us all.

Being a seeker, I love walking with my back to the wind. The glorious breeze on my back is the Holy Spirit, clearing the air for me to breathe. I ponder some of the great questions of life on my strolls through and around God’s kingdom. I look at the wild flowers grow all over and wonder how they thrive without man pruning and watering. Then I remember that this is an outpouring of God’s Love. Jesus said to look at the tiny mustard seed and see how glorious it grows as a tree. This is the height of God’s Love and Grace.

I look at these two things and wonder why man does not step up and perform the same wonders. We are God’s greatest creation and yet the fruits of God’s Love are forgotten as we toil away in our mundane mortal lives, for getting that no matter where we are on our individual journey, God is there leading the way, comforting us when we fall. I ama seeker meaning that I am in the thrust of finding God in each direction I look for I know that the Holy Spirit is there allowing me to experience the beauty and grace of God’s Creation.

 ©Russell Kendall Carter


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What a terrible word with a terrible connotation. Sin can have many meanings and many connotations. Even in the Bible, the words used for sin have a half dozen meanings from restlessness to transgression. Personally, I like the word alienation. That is, being alienated from the will of God. Although we are led to believe otherwise, none of these are really punishable by mortals, which is why I like alienation from God. This is a spiritual lapse of faith that God has the best for us.

We are born of the Spirit of God filled with His Life, His Truth, and of course, Love. There is no room in this package called spiritual man for sin. We are perfect creatures created by God. When we believe in sin, we deny the perfection of being created by a perfect God. God made us superior to evil, and if we follow this fact to its obvious conclusion, we attain the Wisdom that God graciously gives us.

God holds our hand as we navigate Life. For this, He has called us righteous, virtuous. Living the spiritual life as created by God, we are eternal, otherwise we are carnally condemned to ultimate death. Jesus walked the earth, healing and raising the dead; this is proof of God’s eternal life for us all. Jesus demonstrated that we are perfect creations of God and therefore incapable of this practice called sin.

As a mortal man, I find this very difficult to accept, but. . . when I am deep in my meditation time, communing with God and living in His realm as He lives in me, nothing but a life of perfection without sin is a very comfortable and welcome existence. As a mortal man, I know I am capable of this alienation, but as a perfect creation of God, I am truly a spiritual man incapable of sin.

©Russell Kendall Carter             

Why We Move to Our Personal Desert

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Many men and women who were persecuted by the ever-increasing Christian movement in the second and third centuries moved to the desert to study, pray, and live the Christian life of prayer as Jesus taught, not as Rome was demanding. In their time, the new church excluded them and, in many cases, condemned them for not following what was demanded. They left to have freedom in their beliefs and practices.

Jesus introduced a power mankind had never experienced, a power that transcended all knowledge and understanding, but it was also a power that was overflowing with Love, Truth, and Grace, concepts the new church wanted to control. These orphans of the church, and to some extend those of us seemingly abandoned by the church, could not accept the nature and quality of God that the new church professed. The strictures demanded came from the depths of mortal, not spiritual, belief.

It is no different today! Many long-established churches are too concerned with holding onto ancient creeds and confessions that mean little to modern, particularly young, people today. The leaders are more concerned with over-valued church buildings than they are with the concerns and welfare of the people. Is not this what Jesus live for, a move away from religion more concerned with power than Truth?

Jesus asks us to go into a private room to pray and meditate, away from the strictures of the stale religions. We have a one-on-one relationship with God. We receive the Christ from our individual devotion to God, to Life, Truth, and Love that only God possesses.

I condemn not the churches! They do much good for their communities, but they can do so much more. I can count on one hand the number of times I have felt God within me while attending church. But when I am out of all types of buildings, including my home, I encounter God wherever I am. God is not found confined to buildings. To me, when I leave my abode and experience God’s creation, I am in my proverbial desert, constantly praying for I am surrounded by God’s Truth, Love, and Life.

©Russell Kendall Carter

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It’s All about Family

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I read the parables and teaching of Jesus in our Bible. One truth stands above all others; Jesus and the Message from God is for all of us. In His day, it was the Jews and all others, the non-Jews. Today it is white Christianity and all others. Mankind, all mankind, is a direct reflection of God; we are made in His image. We are His reflection on Earth. . . all of us. We are all deserving of His Grace!

If we can accept this, and we must, we then accept the reality that we are all brothers and sisters under God; there are no strangers or foreigners. Remember, Jesus’s message is for all. When we learn and accept this true equality and recognize that all men and women are spiritual beings equally created by God, all the glories of God and His gifts are realized. And we are immersed in a world of beauty, Truth, and eternal spiritual life.

In high school physics (I think physics, I was a poor science student), we learn there is one prime mover for substance; in faith, that prime mover is God. God was, is, and will be forever. He asks so little; just for us to love; just to accept others. Our offering of acts of kindness without expectations of rewards to all people we meet is our recognizing that God is within us and around us. Then we all benefit from these small acts that praise God.

Then we can open our minds to God’s living Truth, realizing that all tings are possible. Jesus and the Message from God is for all of us. It’s all about family!

©Russell Kendall Carter, June 2, 2022                 

Take Ye Heed, Watch

Stop, look, pay attention!

Can you hear it;

feel the mighty power;

receive the glorious wonders?

Take ye heed, watch. . .

 His dominion is endless;

His works are Truth , Love, Life!

Fill yourself with the endless

drink of eternity. . .

be triumphant over evil, over death.

Take ye heed, watch. . .

 How great are his signs!

Take ye heed, watch. . .


©Russell Kendall Carter

Prophetic Imagination

“Then said Jesus to them, ‘Peace be unto you; as my

hath sent me, even so send I you. (John 20:21.’”


God is very active in my life, as He is yours. The radiance I feel within, and project out reflects the presence of the Holy Spirit in my every action. I allow the passions of my spirituality reflect the God that made us all, honoring Him with the goodness that emanates from my soul given to me by God.

Mark writes and reminds us: “We must realize the ability of mental might to offset human misconceptions and to replace them with the life, which is spiritual, not material (1:15).” We say yes to helping God heal through us. Our prayers, our voices, and our actions bring justice to those who are in need of God’s Lovie and Mercy. This is our job; this is our prophetic passion – to serve God with all our hearts and with all our given means. We say yes to these powers a nd prayers.

My imagination is truly prophetic! God gives me the desire and ability to serve Him in all my days. I share God’s love and healing power with all forgotten brothers and sisters in our society.

We live in dangerous times; our malls and our schools are war zones. Nobody is safe from unexpected brutal death; there are so many souls suffering from this terror and violence. Please, follow the words of John. Share your prophetic imagination with all people you meet.

Gracious God, let thy lovingkindness and thy truth continually preserve me to serve you.

 ©Russell Kendall Carter

How Long

How long, O God, how long?

How long must we awaken 
to another death?
Each morning we read of
another massacre; 
we are reminded that 
gun violence is the norm?

How long, O God, how long?

How long must we continue to fear 
shopping at the mall,
fear attending church,
accepting the dangers of venturing 
from our homes?

How long, O God, how long?

How long must we continue sacrificing 
our children for the gods of weapons 
of war and money?

How long, O God, how long?

©Russell Kendall Carter

Glorify Thy Name

We are all created by a loving Father-Mother God; as Her children, we live in freedom and joy as loved and loving beings. We know we are safe. Male and female, we are created equal. . . reflecting Love and Truth. We live together as equals. . . as it was meant to be.

The Gospel of John begins, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Simple words. . . not so simple to understand. I have meditated long on this simple sentence. God is! In the beginning there was only God; then creation began with Man and Woman as equals in God’s eyes.

Let us allow the Word to dwell in us, forming us as perfect creations of God. Let us reflect this perfection in all we do. Let us live in Love and Truth. Let us sing our praise for the God of Creation, of perfection, of purity.

Let us share Your Word, Gracious God, thus glorifying Thy Name.

 ©Russell Kendall Carter

Joyful Light of Love

True joy is one of the blessed gifts from God, yet most of what we pursue are short-lived pleasures that are built on false dreams. Society teaches us that these tiny pleasures are what is important; the more we amass these, the happier we will be. I am not happy with these false promises. Without my spiritual awakening, I experienced little joy and light in my life.

Then I chose love and service; the joyful light of Life filled my heart and filled my days with God’s sweet beauty and glory; not my glory, but the reflection and sharing of God’s glory. My heart shines with the light of God’s Wisdom that we learned from the parables of Jesus. My heart projects God’s Love and Life.

God gives me all I need, and the more I give this to others, the more I receive.

When I receive and share the Wisdom and Life of God, I am comforted by His spiritual presence within me. This is the Kingdom of God giving me the power to share his love with others, healing them in their spiritual sorrow. Prayerful watching and sharing brings to me the armor of God’s protective light and I can accomplish my ministry in His joyful light of life.

 ©Russell Kendall Carter