Trust and Goodness

Trust and Goodness

As I type these words into my thoughts for the day, I often type goddness, not goodness. I then return to correct my misspelling. But as I look at this error today, the words godness and goodness are interchangeable. When we offer goodness to others, we are in fact choosing to offer God to others. When we trust in God, in everything we do, we are doing good. And when we do good things for others, we are in fact fulfilling the desires of God.

When our abiding hearts trust God, our actions cannot be other than offer goodness. We trust God to be with us always; we show this by doing good. I believe that goodness comes from our hearts; this is so because God dwelling within us fills our hearts with love and compassion, patience and understanding.

Dear Creator of all, give me the strength to always speak with the wisdom you offer me, act in the Love that fills my heart, and above all, Dear God, please give me the courage to always fulfill your message as I live my daily life, meeting others who are also your children.


Living in the Light

Living in the Light

There are many words in the Bible that can be confusing, being misinterpreted by others who have an agenda other than the word of God. I read from Isaiah that when God calls my name, my only response is, “Here I am, Father.” My life is one that rests in God’s hands; I await His presence patiently, so that I can be fulfilled by His faithfulness. His light leads me through the darkness of my mortal life.

When Ruth is told to glean only in Boaz’s field, this does not mean that I cannot pray with people whose religion is different from mine. What I think it means is that we can pray with all those who are true to God, regardless of the name by which He is called. What I cannot do is turn my back on God and reject His presence in my life, by being with those who denounce His presence. I must walk in His light with all who praise His presence in their lives.

For example, those people who misuse their wealth, hoarding everything so that those who are not wealthy suffer in this life, are not true followers of Jesus. When Jesus told a young man to sell everything and follow me, I cannot take this literally. It is very impractical to join the ranks of the destitute and the poor; there is no such thing as Holy Poverty. What Jesus means is that we must use our riches to lift the poor from their hovels, allowing them to reap all of the benefits of God’s bountiful fields.

Every day, I try to treat and respect others for who they are, rich or poor, healthy or sick, lost or on the right path. All are God’s children, and therefore, all are worthy of my prayers. My words I speak with everyone I meet and every prayer I say are heard by God; I want God to be pleased by what I say. After all, when my light shines, it reflects on the goodness and Glory of God.

Compassion and Respect

Compassion and Respect

The Psalmist writes that to be true to God, we must be loyal to those who lift us from the depths of our living. Jesus continues with his admonition against saying or thinking evil thoughts on someone, for the thoughts themselves degrade the importance of God within us. We must be righteous in the eyes of God.

If we are to receive His blessing, we must serve others, especially those who are not as we are. Throughout the Bible, we are reminded that the stranger is to be welcome; more so, the stranger is our brother. To turn the stranger away is the same as turning our backs on our own families. The stranger is our family. We are all children of God. The Psalmist continues with “. . . it is well with the man who is gracious . . .” (112:5). If we reject the stranger at the door, who are we rejecting but ourselves.

God creates all. When I was young, I had dark brown hair; now in my seventies, my hair is white with some dark streaks. My white hair shows my lifelong knowledge, both knowledge and white hair are given by God. God is within us; we cannot seen him; we cannot heard his voice; but when we welcome the stranger, God is in our hearts; and, we are truly blessed by this presence.


Daydreaming. . .

I recently read an article of realizing that God is always with us, when I came to the following question: “Why don’t we daydream a little more and wake up to God being around us in our every day?”

As I sit in my den, I am always in awe of the world around me. I close my eyes and see the beautiful flowers that occupy the beds around the trees; I see the children riding their training wheels bikes, the older children shooting baskets in the playground, their parents on the tennis courts, chasing errant balls.

All is beautiful!

The sun rises over the rooftops, bring God’s light to our troubled world. I pray that our leaders see the world as a beautiful creation of God, discarding the desire to kill, to demolish, to strip the earth of its beauty.

I love the rainbow colors of birds flitting from feeder to feeder, the butterflies from bush to bush. But I know that God’s most perfect and most beautiful creation is man. We are made in His image; but we reject His teachings; we even reject His presence in our lives.

I admit, I daydream about the comfort and beauty of have God surround my living being; this allows me to love as God wants me to love; see the world as God wants me to see. And, accept all of His creations as gifts of a wonderful life.

Won’t you join my reverie?

When a Mother Dies

When a Mother Dies

No matter what age we are, when both are parents die, we are then orphans. Then, when our siblings die, a chapter of our lives is gone forever. We grieve over the loss of each family member. Each one is a tragedy in our earthly life.

But, when a mother dies, an unmatched loneliness occupies the pit of one’s stomach. A mother is special. We are conceived as a seed inside our mother’s womb; we grow from the nourishment of her body; and, we cause great pain and suffering for her during our birth. This pain is replaced by her joy of giving us life. We are forever an extension of her body.

When a mother dies, our only comfort is that she has joined with God; she has returned home to nourish eternity.



One of my favorite blessings is being able to welcome the people I meet as brothers and sisters. Hospitality is a gift from God that allows us to walk in His way on the level path of peace. After all, we are all living in the desert of our modern life, facing difficulties and challenges. None of us can live or survive alone; we need the companionship of others.

I think that if we only stay in our close circle of friends or our own church community, we miss the chance to grow in God’s light, living as his children playing in the light of His love. We are His guests in this world; all that we have are the gifts given by God. We own nothing.

Open our hearts to others and let the light shine in; who knows, the new person we welcome may become a lifelong friend, of perhaps that new person brings something greater to our lives. Perhaps she brings the peace of God.

Merry Love Day

Christmas day 2019

We rejoice with family this day, exchanging gifts we think will be received with gladness, even if it is an ugly sweater from Macy’s. it is given with the love of the person who purchased it. We accept it gladly.

But Christmas is more than swapping gifts. We have to remember what the meaning of Christmas is. Over 2000 years ago, a child was born; a special child, yet he was homeless when he was born. I think of the significance of this often-overlooked fact. We don’t know what his life as a child was, but watching my own son and my grandson grow, I am sure Jesus was an active youth who constantly pressed the edges of his parents’ good will.

I am thinking of the trip to Jerusalem, when he was twelve; he did not join his parents and after three days, the had to return to Jerusalem to find him. And, when they did, he responded by saying that he was in his father’s house; where else would he be. If I were Joseph, I am sure I would have followed that with a spanking of some sort. But we do not know; the Bible says nothing about that.

But Jesus was special, he grew into a man who expressed and demonstrated the love that God gives all of us. This is what we are celebrating today, by joining with friends and family, exchanging gifts of love. We are in a hotel in North Carolina, and when we went to have coffee in the lounge, all there wished everyone a merry Christmas, spreading God’s love to all in the room.

This is what God wants of us. This is what I try to do all year round. I talk to people I don’t know; this is my way of spreading God’s love. I call them brother or sister, because we are all children of God, as Jesus was. And, God loves us as much as He loves Jesus. Think of God the Father. Think of yourself as a father or mother. Do you love one of your children more than the others. Of course not; they are all equal in your eyes.

Jesus is a special person; and I try to walk in His light every day; but I know God loves me as much as He loves Jesus. This is why I refer to Christmas as a day to share God’s love openly. And, maybe, if we can do this on Christmas, we can do this every day throughout the year.

This is God’s special day; have a wonderful, merry and loving Christmas.


Advent Word of the Day: Beloved


“ . . . and lo a voice from heaven, saying,

this is my beloved Son, in whom

I am well pleased.” Matthew 3:17


God is our beloved God

We are His beloved children

As a parent, my children are my beloved

As we are to God

As a parent, I am the beloved of my children.

So it goes, the circle of life

All connected by love

God’s Love



Advent Word of the Day: Message

 And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ. . .” Ephesians 4: 11-13

The Bible has a message for us

hidden in the stories

God has a message for us

hidden in our inner voice

Jesus has a message for us

hidden in His parables

God, whose name is will become

leaves us with confusion

if God is truly an action,

perhaps His message is also

I believe

praying is what God wants of me

helping others is what God wants

giving of myself

offering kindness and a smile

instead of bypassing with a scowl

saying hello, and God bless you

and thank you

and have a nice day.

God wants me to be an action

an action that considers others to be

a part of me

as God is

as Jesus is.

as the Bible is


Advent Word of the Day: Rest

Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle

and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Matthew 11:29


We toil fruitlessly in our daily lives

all efforts to get ahead

mean nothing to our spiritual selves

God asks only for us to love Him

Jesus asks us to walk in His light

to put aside daily woes

they dissolve

only by resting in God’s

true light can we live in peace

and love


we rest from daily toils when we meditate

we rest from tension when we pray

we rest from things we cannot control

we when we go into our dark room and talk with God

God relieves us from our fears

God forgives us for our sins


When we rest in God’s arms

we are safe, we are strong

we are purified by Love