“And I looked, and behold, a white horse!

And its rider had a bow, and a crown was

given to him, and he came out conquering,

and to conquer.” Revelation 6:2

A rider on a white horse

upraises me –

saving me from corruption.

I follow His commandments –

am blessed by the True Word

of Love and Life.

I hear loud voices singing –

there is a great multitude

before me.

They dress me in fine clothing,

Giving me a book –

of the spirit of the prophets.

I join the voices of

great multitudes –

singing hallelujah –

we are all lifted

in the salvation

of God’s Love

My Prayer

“But when you pray, go into the room and shut the door and pray

to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees in

secret will reward you.” Matthew 6:6


I enter my quiet room,

prostrating myself before God,

searching for a way to pray.

Paul reminds me that the Holy Spirit

helps me in my human weakness

for I lack the words,

when trying to speak to God.

I forget that God is not looking for words;

the Holy Spirit enters my heart,

the heart which holds my soul in love.

It is this love that God hears;

it is this soul that God holds dear.

When I enter my quiet room,

prostrating myself God,

I need no words; God hears my heart.


God loves us, because

He created us in His image.

He will not keep

His bounty from us.

He sacrificed His own Holy Son,

showing His love for us.

If God is willing to do this,

why think that He will not bless us

with His Grace? When God blesses us,

our praise for Him swells in our chests

with the beauty of a spring morning

with the birds of the air and

the animals on the ground

drinking from the flowing river of fresh water.

Even when we are small when we are born;

when following in God’s light,

we grow in stature and in grandeur

with the kingdom of heaven within us.

As Matthew says, we are the yeast of

God’s creation, growing into a

fruitful tree of life: His life.

Each of us is a disciple of God,

offering the wonders of

God’s creation to all creatures.

Mustard Seeds

I am but a mustard seed growing in strength

with the presence of the Holy Spirit.

When I open my mouth, I pray,

pray that God give me the words

to honor him and bring his Grace to others.

God, you have made me in the presence of people

who long for redemption, forgiveness, and comfort.

I live my life according to Your word.

Nothing can separate us from your word

I am the smallest seed, but I grow in God’s Love

to a productive shrub.

Be gracious to me; be gracious to us, Dear God

We love you and work to bring good to all

The Holy spirit strengthens us

Neither life nor death will keep us from

Bringing your grace to others.

Dreaming of God

Dreaming of God

”And he dreamed that there was a ladder[b] set up on the earth, the top of it reaching to heaven; and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.” Genesis 28: 12

I enter a thin space,

alone, in my home,

alone, except for God.

In my reverie, I picture

angels climbing up and down:

Jacob’s dream ladder.

God’s omnipresence knows

my every thought

before I receive it;

for He is always within me.

I cannot live solely by human nature;

the Holy Spirit offers me

eternal life, eternal salvation.

I live among the peoples of the world;

yet my disappointment and fretfulness

I am assuaged by the knowledge

that when by body returns to the earth,

my soul will be reaped by God

into eternal being and deliverance.

My dream of God is absolute!

The Undeniable God

The Undeniable God

 “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed,

for I am your God; I will strengthen you,

I will help you; I will uphold you

with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

I cannot hide from you;

You know when I retire;

You know when I rise;

You know my thoughts;

wherever I am.

Knowing this, I am comforted.

You search me Lord;

You know my heart,

and lead me in the way to perpetuity

I pour out my spirit to you.

I will not hide from You,

and am blessed by your presence.

Spiritual Refueling

I am deeply reflective on the writings of Thomas Merton:

Spiritual Refueling

“So, faith comes from hearing, and

hearing through the word of Christ.” Romans 10:17

The Holy Spirit guides us in our lives;

Our listening important, for

the Spirit speaks through others.

We must be open to the Holy Spirit

and transform ourselves

to listen; the Spirit counsels love;

God’s word comes to us

through the Holy Spirit.

Our Pride brings us trouble;

our pride is a big problem;

we talk a lot and listen poorly.

Our character must include patience;

patience brings hope;

hope is the love of God.

When we love god, we receive

Spiritual refueling.

Jesus, the Rejected Prophet

Jesus, the Rejected Prophet

Jesus shunned by Nazarenes

and Pharisees, alike

rejected the rule of Rome

declared a blasphemer, yet

preached Mosaic law,

preached a loving God,

preached a healing God,

not a punishing god,

not a condemning god,

offered God the Creator,

loving all his children,

not just the Jews.

Jesus presented one eternal God!

Jesus presented God the Redeemer!

Jesus presented God the Lover!

A Lamp unto My Feet

May God teach us His ways,

allowing us to walk in His light.

God calls when we are not ready.

when we are not sure.

We are called to serve and bring aid;

we are called to comfort, to heal.

We are called to teach, to lead,

we are called to encourage, to welcome.

We are called to administer,

we are called to bring faith.

We are called to pray, to bring God’s healing touch.

We are called to serve the homeless.

We are called when we are prepared;

even when we are not sure,

we are called by God.

He is the lamp unto our feet

that lights our path.

Inhale the Breath of Life

Inhale the Breath of Life

Our breath renews our bodies,

renews our mentally

renews our spiritually.

During anxiety,

we inhale the love of God,

through and through.

God renews our life;

Our fears shortens our life.

Renewal is for all;

turn to God.

Jesus promises He

will be with us as we fear;

share our fear; Jesus is all ears

God has an open heart;

both await our breath.

all humanity breaths together

this makes us vulnerable

but gives us community,

God’s community.

We exhale fear and

inhale the life spirit,

life spirit fills our lungs;

life spirit fills our souls.