Born of God

Born of God

“But as many as received him, to them he gave power to become children of God, to those who believe in his name: who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” John 1:12-13

We are born of God; we are good.

Humankind: God’s greatest creation.

We cannot forget this.

The Gospel of john begins:

“In the beginning was the word,

and the word was with God,

and the word was God.”

God is before all else;

there is nothing before God;

there is nothing but God.

The Solomon in Proverbs  reminds us:

“The Lord possessed me

in the beginning of His way,

before His works of old.”

God knows us before He creates us.

When he creates us, we are perfect.

God creates nothing but perfection.

Therefore, we are perfect in His eyes.

We can recognize this godly perfection

in all whom we meet. This is God’s will.

Society leads us from this lighted path.

Society cannot exist on a selfless God-given path

without setting itself as the main influence in our lives.

With God as the core of our existence,

 society has less hold on our daily lives.

Society’s norms are a nuisance that Jesus asks us to overcome.

As humans, we are not perfect; our bodies must die.

But our spiritual selves are perfect and live eternal lives.

Nevertheless, as humans, we must recognize God

in all whom we meet. This is God’s lighted path.

On this path, we are God’s perfect creations.

We see the perfect creation of God

in all whom we meet.

Are we filled with God’s Love?

The light of Jesus gives us the fulfillment

we need to live in God’s perfect world.

Jesus is our fulfillment.

Enemy Occupied Territory

Enemy-Occupied Territory

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.

Not as the world gives, do I give to you. Let not your hearts

be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” John 14:27

My spirit lives with God;

my trust is unwavering.

He strengthens my resolve.

Although my antagonists are great

and censure my faith;

I walk in His light,

not fearing the blindness of men.

I am blessed by His trust in me.

The desolate valley of my dwelling

I fear not, for my enemies are powerless

in the abundance of God’s grace.

I pray for the steadfast trust of Joseph,

recognizing God’s mandate

to live in safekeeping while dwelling

in enemy-occupied territory

What Do We Need?

What do we need? We are in the midst of two world-wide pandemics.

The Coronavirus has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives across our planet, not caring what color we are, how rich we are, or how important we claim to be. Science is rapidly creating a cure for this, but many more lives will be sacrificed to the terrible pandemic. Those in power seem to be more interested in the lost money than the lost lives, while scientists are saying that there will be a more drastic resurgence that will claim many more lives. I sometimes think that Mother Nature is fighting back and punishing us for all the damage we have done to the Earth in our search for greater wealth.  

The second pandemic noted by the demonstrations around the globe, but particularly in the United States; these are rebelling against the world-wide oppression of people of color. Those of us who are white have oppressed the people of color all around the world, again in search of greater wealth for ourselves. We have fought innumerable worlds throughout history to suppress opponents and their cultural lives, replacing their traditions with ours. The protests in the United States were begun over the murder of George Floyd, who as a black man was suffocated by Minneapolis police. Those around the world are in support of the American protesters, butt they are also raising their voices against the oppression in their own countries.

The common man long oppressed by the wrong type of governments serving only the rich and powerful are bringing up the long-lost truth of what life for all should be. Many governments claim to be guided by the word of God, no matter what name we call Him, but they put truth to death through all their actions. The people who are protesting and really care for the fate of those oppressed by police and governments are in search of some one person to step up and be the guide that we can all follow.

What we need is a strong, perhaps old time, prophet to lead us out of the evil we are now suffering.

She is Benevolent

She is Benevolent

examine our lives

see a lack of understanding

and acceptance;

look for spiritual awakening,

rejoice, be glad,

praise God

and be

thankful for Her presence in our lives;

everything under the sun

is Hers and Her creation

we pretend, but doubt

we are loved, but doubt

and are here

by God’s pleasure and grace;

we rise over self-imposed failures,

and She holds our hands,

lifts us, nurtures us

She is a benevolent deity.

Mine Life is Changed Forever

Mine Life is Changed Forever

Seek Thee in mine heart

for Thou art nowhere else;

I journey not alone;

Thy passion and comfort

are mine companions.

I never walk alone through darkness,

for Thy presence lights mine path.

Fields of plenty are laid before me;

mine path is made smooth as I walk in Thy footsteps.

I am but a child holding Thy hand,

safely knowing I walk with someone who loves me.

I am blessed by the beauty of Thine creation

and revere the wonders of Thy love.

I only absorb what I see as created by Thee;

as a parent Thou are patient with me,

knowing that mine heart belongs only to Thee.

Like the servants at Cana,

I do whatever Thou asks;

Jesus asks that I follow Him;

what more or what less can I do.

Mine life is changed forever.

Surrendering to Serenity

Surrendering to Serenity

Riding the Rocky Mountaineer,

marveling at the festal expedition

of nature’s glory.

A time to do nothing

but wonder at the beauty

of God’s Garden of Eden.

Smooth lakes amid the majestic

green mountains surrounded

by blue skies, enriched by the artistic

dabs of cumulous clouds,

interrupted by the rare eagle

floating effortlessly

over his monumental kingdom;

nothing for us

but surrendering to serenity.

God’s Healing Embrace

In 1994, I suffered a devastating rupture of my large intestine; thinking it was just a minor flu, I laid in bed. On the fourth day, my wife tried to reach me on the phone and found me totally incoherent; she rushed me to our local hospital. After extensive surgical repair, I laid in the hospital 21 days, on the verge of death for much of that time.

I was blessed by the hands of God, who kept me alive and brought me back to begin a successful teaching career, which began as a high school AP History teacher and ended 25 years later as a college literature and writing professor. God opened many doors for me to become the teacher that he made me. This was when I realized that I was walking the path of light God had prepared for me.

Since then, I have devoted my life to prayer, first as a Stephen Minister and then as a personal divine prayer minister at our local Episcopal church. I also began writing prayerful meditations and poetry that I have shared through both Facebook and various internet poetry sites.

Recently, I went into the hospital for a spinal fusion; the surgery involved getting to the spine through the abdomen. Problems arose when the doctors reached the spine and began to move a strand of scar tissue aside, when the scar tissue, which had wrapped around a major blood vein, burst. I lost over three pints of blood in less than 30 seconds.

The doctors stopped the bleeding, closed, and sealed the vein, and did not complete the spinal fusion, feeling it was too risky to continue. My awakening in recovery was extremely difficult. I did not want to leave the warm comfortable place which I inhabited. It was in the most pleasant place that I have ever been in my 77 years of life. I fought the awakening process, but I lost the fight; I awoke to a room with three or four nurses attending to me. The first words out of my mouth were referring to the several angels who were taking care of me. I was referring to the nurses. But something else was happening around me.

As I became more aware of my surroundings, I experienced two or three ethereal images floating above me, just below the ceiling; in my confusion, I thought I was dreaming. When these figures did not disperse, it occurred to me that these were in fact truly angels sent from God. Moreover, I felt a very warm feeling of being embraced by strong, gentle, loving arms. This feeling stayed with me all during my time in recovery and well into my first night in my own room. One by one, these ethereal figures lowered themselves into the figures of the various angelic nurses who tended to me over the next three days.

I continued to refer to my nurses as angels, and I still had the feeling that I was surrounded by a love much greater than I ever experienced before. I knew the angels of my reverie inhabited the bodies of all the nurses who attended to my needs. When the doctor checked on me the next morning, his words indicated that they almost lost me, and he explained what had gone on. I was greatly disappointed that my fusion did not occur, but I was overwhelming thankful that he had the God-given talent to keep me alive. God brings those to us when we are in dire need of help.

The overwhelming feeling of the warm embrace never dissipated over the next few days; I still had the feeling that God had and was holding me close to Him. This aura never left me for the three days I was in the hospital. In my drug-induced state, I tried to express this to my priest, but the words just could not come into my befuddled brain. Now, my third day home, I am capable of forming a lucid statement.

Now that I am home and recovering, and getting my mind clear of the anesthesia, I look back on the experience, knowing that God kept me alive, and for some reason, unknown to me, I am especially important to God’s work on earth. I write meditations, prayers, and poetry in praise of God and His works in humanity. I don’t know what the future will bring, but I do know that God wants me to live for a reason; originally, I thought that was being the teacher I was, but now I think it is something much more important. I leave the path open to follow God’s lead.

And, I feel blessed that He has chosen me twice in my life to help light His way to those I reach through my writing, my prayerful meditations, and my prayer ministry. I believe that God showed me what beauty mortal death brings; perhaps, for a moment, I actually stopped living, but Jesus invited me to re-awaken and carried me back to life. Being thankful to God is one thing; taking on the effort to bring God’s love to those I meet will be difficult; but with God’s help anything is possible. As Julian of Norwich wrote: “all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.”

Russell Carter

May 2020

A Certain Rich Fool

A Certain Rich Fool (Luke 12:20)

A reflection on “The Man Who Was a Fool” a sermon by Martin Luther King

He suffered from the disease of egotism;

as we are, he was a victim of this cancer.

Jesus did not condemn his wealth,

just his misuse of his wealth.

He refused to realize

all life is interrelated,

disregarding God’s loving

refuge and strength,

His help when man is troubled.

The man was foolishly minimizing his

eternal and internal self,

maximizing the external and material,

fully involved with egotism and hoarding.

missing Jesus’ message to

feed the poor,

cloth the naked,

heal the sick.

Jesus did this

without wealth,

but with love only.

Is this certain rich man Western Society?

God Leads Us

God leads us

To share in the bounty

First by leading us

across the Jordan.

Then from the reawakening

and the raising of Lazarus;

blessed are we

to be forgiven and

loved by God.

We are invited to share his commandments,

challenging, but simple when examined.

Love  God; prosper, be blessed;

he who believes will live, even

even though we lose our mortal lives.

I will bless God, always;

I sought God in my hour of need.

He answered me,

awakening me from a certain death.

God is Good;

God is Love;

God watches over us,

and redeems us.

All he asks is to Love Him

and love his children,

all of us.