Receive Love

If you feel lonely and anxious in your life, you are not loving. I am convinced that people who do not love deeply finally do not live deeply either. If you love always, you will live an empowered life. Receiving love means you receive new life always again and again. Love always! Bear each other’s pain and sorrow! Receive love by giving it away!

© Russell Kendall Carter

Hear Their Voices

Can you hear them – those who have gone before us speak to us and watch over us? We are surrounded by our loved ones, present both physically and spiritually. It is a miracle when their voices bring the words of the Holy Spirit when we lack the words.

I recently had a near death experience; I was standing in a doorway ready to step into the eternal beauty of God’s kingdom. But I was pulled back and awoke in a hospital bed surrounded by three images that I call angels. They were a great comfort to me, bringing the living water of Christ to heal me.

In a recent period of meditation, I was brought back to that moment and the angels revealed themselves as the spirits of my father, mother, and sister. My comfort and spiritual being are lifted by the voices of the loved ones no longer with me. Can you hear them, those spirits who guide you through life? Listen! We are in the Spirit of God’s presence forever.

© Russell Kendall Carter

God’s Air Has Such Sweet Taste

The Psalmist promises that God restores our essence, our souls. His Son chooses to walk the same path as we do. When Jesus sent His disciples to go and heal and teach, he breathed upon them. This was the breath of God elevating them to holy status. We also travel on the same roads in the presence of these saints; God has also breathed the sweet taste of Love and Truth that allows us to intersect our lives with those of Jesus’s disciples. John reminds us that breath of God is he which cometh down from heaven, and giveth life unto the world. Each breath we take is the sweet air that God gives us.  

© Russell Kendall Carter

Hidden Wounds

Our Hidden Wounds

When we close our eyes at night, we not only enter into the darkness of sleep, but we also allow our hidden fears to surface. In a word, we become sheep, cowering in a pasture without the comforting song of our shepherd. Our instinct is to react to perceived fear and danger; we take cover in a dream that does more harm than help.

If we listen to God with our hearts, if we know that God is always with us, we will never lay down in fear. Fear is the great mortal lie. We receive God’s word, and we are freed and comforted by the Holy Spirit; we are healed and forgiven; when we open our hearts to Christ’s teachings, our hidden wounds are not only opened for us to defeat but erased by the love of Jesus as he prayed in Gethsemane.  

© Russell Kendall Carter

When the Ordinary Stops Being Ordinary 

When the long darkness of despondency cloaks the earth with sadness and fear, do not give up, pray your heart for God is listening. God and His Son are the same they were 2000 years ago; the are the same today, tomorrow, and forever. God’s Word is eternal and stands firm both in heaven and on earth; we just must listen.

Society has labelled us with unkind names, such as racism, classism, age, sex, or gender identity. As flawed as the Bible has named her, Eve taught us that we must look at who we are and where we come from.

I was raised as a poor white boy in Newark, New Jersey in the 1950s. Society held me down for years. . . until I listened to God, went to college (at night while working) and became a teacher and college professor. I refused to be labelled a failure by those whose only power comes from money. This is a power that is not lasting. As the saying goes, you can’t take it with you. But who you are, who I am is eternal; this is the true power that only God can bestow.

When the ordinary ceases being ordinary, pray your heart; when we know God, we know true trust by renewing our relationship with Jesus.

© Russell Kendall Carter


When Things Fall Apart

Our lives are filled with hazards and tragedies; at times they can be overconsuming and overbearing. It is very scary when things begin falling apart. I shudder to think of what lies beneath the frail surface of my days. Chaos can so easily overpower our confidence.

It is during these times that I make the effort to open my heart to God, the bulwark of my being. I ask God to unroot the evil that permeates my life and my society. I pray that the fire of love, God’s Love, as Jesus taught, overpowers the devastating fires of evil and trauma. I root myself in God’s presence. Finally, I am calm and assured that whatever happens, I have the Holy Spirit walking with me.

© Russell Kendall Carter

Being Responsible

Being Responsible for our World

Dear God, help me to be responsible for the world I live in. Using the blessings of God and Jesus make we change our culture so others can encounter God’s truth and blessings. We witness the distress we have created; let us rise up and build a better future for all. There is the shaft of the light of hope that we can bring the disinherited of our world out of the darkness of the sense of not being worthy. Through the teachings of Jesus, we know that all are worthy. May our future deeds expose our responsibility for the devastation of human rights and correct the sins of the past.

© Russell Kendall Carter

Praying Energy into Life

If we want to be a true disciple of Christ, we must be more than just a follower or a student of His teachings. We build a life that reflects His teaches, not His life. We encourage all to love all. To walk a faith-filled life with God as our guide, we have faith when others do not; we pray for them, for their loss of faith is only temporary. We cannot be blind to the homeless, the sick, the poor, and the hungry. These are the people that Jesus loved. These are the people that were lifted by the Love and healing of Jesus. We are His disciples; we must do the same.

© Russell Kendall Carter