Joy as a Paradoxical Gift

God’s Love opens the glorious possibilities of mankind, removing any limitations seemingly so relevant by mortality; God enlightens my darkness. I ask you to celebrate this with me. Join me in this journey. Please, join me. It is a journey; no, it is a beloved journey to finding joy.

God is at work in and around us, healing, loving, and comforting, giving us light, not darkness, eliminating hatred with Love, overcoming evil with good. needing courage to bring the joy of Love to our life.

The Holy Spirit is filled with gracious and loving aid to the poor bringing the brotherhood of the living God to our midst. God rejoices when we turn to face those in need rather than refuse to look at it. Our tender love and compassion brings the joy that only God can give to all involved.

Matthew writes that it is wrong for us to amass great wealth at the expense of the poor. We are to act in love and compassion in anticipation of the good, God in our lives. My mission in life is to keep bringing goodness, healing, and love to all whom I meet. The Kingdom of Heaven rules within, only we can allow This Kingdom to rule without.

 ©Russell Kendall Carter

For We Preach Not Ourselves

God calls me in my meditations and prayers; He reminds me that my mission is to spread love, compassion, and righteous comfort to all whom I meet, all of His beloved children. I can never separate myself from God for I am an ambassador of prayer, as you are, as we all are. We are all blessed to be of God’s flock. When I pray with a brother or sister, we are both manifested in God’s Glory.

Through prayer, I unloosen the psychological sandals of those in need, and we are both found worthy for doing God’s will. All God’s power is given to those who pray for the healing of mankind. We remember Jesus’s words in Luke: “And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick (9;2).” We may not be able to heal the sick by touch, but we can very much ask God to heal spiritually. That my brothers and sisters is my mission in life.


©Russell Kendall Carter

She is the God Who Sees Me!

My old body, broken and painful as it is, is the world as we know it, struggling to survive with an uncertain future. There are three promises I make to those with whom I pray. But I also make them to God. As we suffer and pray together, our loving and tender Father-Mother God nurtures us.

St. Paul offers three ways we can heal ourselves; we must show concern and love each other with no walls to separate us. God asks us to respect and love those members of society on the bottom rungs. Jesus demonstrated this every day of His life on Earth. Finally, we must accept that we are all one body in God’s Creation. And when one of us is ailing we are all weakened by our illness.

These practices are God’s gifts to us; they are easy to keep in mind, but difficult to put into practice. When we practice these gifts, we are blessed to be in the protective comfort of God’s loving world.

God asks so little and gives so much. Together we accept God’s eternal creation, and we are created eternal, as God is. We are Her children, perfect in every way. The tender Love of God is forever; She is the God who sees us and walks with us, every day of our lives.

Before you all jump on me for my feminine pronoun, remember, God is not human and has no human features. and reading the Bible, God created male and female, created He them in His (or Her) image and likeness.

 ©Russell Kendall Carter



We are ambassadors of goodness, the Divine Love of God. There is no way around it, brothers and sisters, we are God’s children and must act as such. We are the new ministers of God’s Word. I look beyond the words of our Bible to understand what message the authors were sending. If we truly believe in the scriptures as God’s Words, then it is our duty to search for what God wants when reading them.

My understanding of scripture begins and ends with love, the Divine Love that Jesus taught and lived by example for us. Because it is only through the Light of God and the Knowledge Jesus taught that we are truly able to say to our fellow man, I Love You, thereby bringing eternal peace. Jesus gave and demonstrated true Life and true Love.

When our spiritual reality is understood, we see each other as equals, not of a particular race or sex but as brothers and sisters living under the protective and loving care of an infinite god, the only true God, the creator of all. It is only when we understand that we are only truly spiritual that this is possible. Our mortal bodies have limited use; our spiritual selves are eternally bonded to God.

During my daily meditations, I search scripture and other theological works; since these are written by mere men and women, I understand that there are personalities and possible prejudices included in the interpretations. But there is always a truth underlying what is written. It is these truths that I investigate. It is these that come directly from God. Our mortality is our fictitious creation; the mind we call our own, which is given by and an eternal part of God, is the Mind that I study and crave.

It is this Mind that I believe for which we are all ambassadors, created to spread the Truth and Light that Jesus offered and invited us to share. 

©Russell Kendall Carter

Probation after Death

I believe that my life is a period of probation, a term to prove my love of human kindness. This Love given to us freely by the protective and gracious God.

I believe that only my physical body faces death. The real me, the true me, created by God and placed in my mother’s womb, is eternal. I am reflective of the living God’s Holy Creation of Man.


OKAY! Let’s get to a discussion: the   writes: “In God have I put my trust. . . (56:11).” There are times that my mortal mind shows me that the darkness I face is the true light. If that is so, then I would not face disappointment and regret when the end does not meet the expectation. Only the Light of God gives truly positive endings. My success is only evident when I walk in the light of the living. I know this because whenever I read my Bible, new or old testaments, God’s Truth and Life triumphs

Reading the story in Luke when Jesus entered Nain, he stopped to bring a man back to life who was being transported for burial. Jesus understood that death does not conquer life. The spiritual man, God’s creation, does not die. When we understand the significance of stories such as this, God delivers us from death for our seeing true Light brings us eternal Life. Isaiah reminds us, “Arise, shine, for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee (60:1).”

God gives us the Spirit of Love not fear, so I do not fear death. As a mortal, I am in no hurry to experience it, but I know that it is God’s choice when. God does not work on my time frame. My life, my probation time on earth, is filled with Love, which gives me power unheard of; God is within me forever, allowing me to be a chaplain of Truth to all I meet.

©Russell Kendall Carter

The Testimony of the Serpent

This week I am reminded that the words spoken by the serpent are indeed a testimony of spirit, but not The Spirit, The Spirit of God. Mary Baker Eddy, a nineteenth century religious leader, writes, “This pantheistic error, or so-called serpent, insists still upon the opposite of Truth, saying, ‘Ye shall be as gods;’ that is, I will make error as real and eternal as Truth.” Human society truly accepts this testimony as the only truth.

I am returning to my childhood faith that God creates the perfect male and female, not the mortal, short-lived bodies of flesh bone we see daily. I reflect on this because from a very early age we teach our children that possessions of material goods are what is important in our lives.

I thank God every morning of my life, but I rarely thank Him for my creation, the creation that came well before my physical seed was placed in my mother’s womb. I thank Him for each day of my seventy-nine years of sharing His Truth and His Love with my fellow man.

Albert Camus writes, ““’Throughout the coming years an endless struggle is going to be pursued between violence and friendly persuasion, a struggle in which, granted, the former has a thousand times the chances of success than that of the latter. But I have always held that, if he who bases his hopes on human nature is a fool. . .” This is the struggle we face.

I now will thank Him for the testimony of the serpent which reminds me that the alternate universe this creature offered us is unreal. It is only a short-lived universe of trial and death. How fortunate we are to be created by God and not the serpent. For it is the testimony of this serpent that reminds me to live with God in the universe He created, the one pure in Spirit, pure in Love, and pure in Life, the Life of God’s eternal presence.

©Russell Kendall Carter

Peace Be With You

How often we say this. . . in church. . . when bidding good-bye! This rolls off our tongues with such ease. However, have we really given thought to how deep these four words really go in our relationships with ourselves, other people and with God? Paul writes to the Romans, “The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit, that we are children of God (8:16).”

Paul makes no exceptions; neither does Jesus; nor does God. The promise is all of us are children of God. And this is repeated throughout our New Testament. Jesus teaches us throughout His life; He does this by words and deeds. He invites a simple request, a simple open invitation: we are invited to live with goodness, mercy, justice, unselfishness and love within us. This is God within us! This is Truth and Life within us!

God created both male and female in His image. Period! No exceptions! We are all perfect in God’s eyes; can we be perfect in each other’s eyes? God, Jesus, and Paul invite us to act like true children of God. Life is God. Life and Truth are gifts from God, reenforced in the life of Jesus and explained in Paul’s writings. We are created in Love, by Love. All of us are gracious gifts from God. How lucky we are!

Peace be with you, my brothers and sisters.

 ©Russell Kendall Carter

Leave False Foundations Behind


We live in a world where the most important thing in life is ME! Me is the king of the world. But this is wrong! We live in God’s world, and we are servants of God. We are also servants for each other. At least this is what we learn in our Bible. This is what is asked of us. God allows us to use our higher sense of holy Truth to leave the false promises and false strictures of society behind us, therefore bringing Love and compassion into all our lives.

I wasted too many years of my life chasing a dream of false foundations. My mid-life crisis was an epiphany with doors opened for me by the One who counts – made easier by my soulmate whom I married fifty-five years ago. Both are gifts from above.

From the time of Moses, we are asked to keep God’s commandments. But God also placed in us the seed of self. Then Jesus comes along and says that after we love God, we must love ourselves; but He also asks us to love one another. Love God, love self, love others. Not so difficult to understand; but we don’t. We place self. . . even above God.

We must develop a truer sense of self love, one that grows with our love of God and our service to and for others. These are the foundations we can trust when built into our short lives on this earth. Jesus knew this; we can and should learn from His teachings.

We do things that are wrong in God’s eyes, but we also recognize that these are wrongs in our lives while we continue to do them. These hurt us more than they harm the recipients. When we turn to God and His Love and Commandments, we gain strength. We celebrate extraordinary power that exudes our very beings. This is the Good News of Jesus.

False foundations are built of sand and wash away in the storms. Our foundations built on God’s Word last for an eternity.


©Russell Kendall Carter

Everlasting Punishment

God’s first commandment reads; “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Jesus taught to love God with all our heart and all our soul, then to love our neighbor as ourself. This is me!!! This is my very spirit, my connection to God. This is how I will attain perfection in God’s world. When I look at this, it is that simple; it is that difficult.

Simple, because the requests are simple to understand. I have only one God, as do we all. As a mortal man, I love God with my very existence; as much as I am able, as much as I believe is possible. My only wish is that it is enough for God; yet, in my heart I know it is because I strive for this each day, and that is what god wants. I also love my neighbor; that is a simple thing to do. I look past what my neighbor looks like or how he speaks. He is my equal in God’s eyes.

Difficult, because I am a mortal man living in a mortal world dominated by a society that allows almost half of its population live in abject poverty. I was in Latrobe, Pennsylvania this weekend watching my grandson play lacrosse. On Sunday morning, as I was dressing, I heard a news report that said that to live in the Pittsburgh area, a family of four would need an hourly wage of almost forty-five dollars an hour to feed, cloth, and educate the children. Our minimum wage is just over seven dollars and hour. This is a sinful abomination to the word of God.

This is man’s doing, not God’s. Solomon, the author of Proverbs was correct, “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” Our leaders think that the minimum wage is enough for people to survive, and, we let them get away with it. Even the poor elect politicians who love the big business and vote against the people. So who is the sinner. . . we all are!!

As a result, in our mortal lives, we deserve everlasting punishment. In our spiritual lives, we are at the mercy of a gracious God. I pray my good deeds can make up for the fact that I am guilty of the sin of financial oppression through my election of greedy politicians for even my vote is against one person of greed, I am in fact supporting another.

©Russell Kendall Carter




Before I continue, allow me to say one definitive thing: God’s greatest miracle is man, continually sustained by God, bringing us the ultimate divine principle, Man is of God.

Moses, Joshua, Elijah, and Elisha all proved the power of this relationship in what we all call miracles. God gives us miracles through Life, which is through people and their everyday deeds by helping each other. God meets us daily through the Life and Love so graciously given. To me this is an outstanding miracle, considering that most humans avoid recognizing Gods in their lives.

Everything good is made by God; everything that is valueless, is not made by God. Miraculously, Man is Good. When I doubt this, I go to my time of meditation, bringing God’s Love into my heart and move beyond the inertia of mortal unreality, praying for God’s aid in changing my direction. God assures me that all is well.

In Deuteronomy, the scribe writes, “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord (6:4).” And Jesus added that we love our neighbor as ourselves. In one way or another, we all pray, but the kind of prayer we all must pray is one for humanity to grow in Grace, being patient with others, doing good deeds, being meek, not overbearing, and demonstrate brotherly love, God’s Love.

Mankind has created a pathway devoid of love; most of us walk in unreal darkness through our lives; but God offers a different pathway, one illumined by Divine Love, Divine Life. God works only through this Divine Love and Life by using us humans to communicate love and healing through His Word. God never meets us outside of this Divine Love and Life.

My goal in life is to recognize that all of humanity is of one body, the Body of God’s Eternal Life and Love. Man’s greatest and most deadly disease is turning away from this principle. I pray that when I face God, I can say that I am not guilty of this sin, and, I can honestly say that I am and have been one of God’s miracles.

©Russell Kendall Carter