Golden Morning of Created Bliss

Golden Morning of Created Bliss


Rising with the morning sun,

alive with renewed life,

God’s creation around us,                     


abounding with glorious life.

Morning’s aura surrounds us,

feeling nothing but impotence,

as we awaken to each new reality

of each newly created morning.

But whose reality?

As the sun grows in brilliance,

rising above the horizon,

we thrust forward

to feel the glory

of a new day, a new life.

Every day created anew

offers a newly created life,

shining in creative solemnitude,

or tottering on the edge of pettiness?

Ours is the choice;

the day is ours to embrace,

but always,

we are God’s images on earth,

newly formed each

golden morning of created bliss.






Genesis 2

Genesis 2

 God created the earth,

then the heavens.

The fields were dry;

He caused the rains to come

and the rivers to flow.

His lustrous fields reflected a field of gold,

with flora of wondrous greens

intensifying the golden aura.

God then created man,

to plow His fields

and live life from the bounty of His earth.

And, thus, Eden was formed.



              God gives us the ability to wonder; it is one of our greatest gifts. We need to live the miracle of our lives, every moment of every day. Yes, we have to balance the idea that we are children of God and mortal human beings; we have our weaknesses and our limitations, but with the gift of wonder, we see the greatness of our lives, the truth about ourselves and the truth about everyone else.

             Wonder gives us the wisdom of nature, the beauty of the rest of God’s creation, the creation worthy of dignity, honor; when we wonder in awe of nature, we see the truth about ourselves, other human beings and every other living thing on earth. We are all children and equal in our individual beauty. We all have an inner voice that belongs to God. He puts words in our mouths and words on our pages; we are covered by the Shadow of God’s forgiving being.

            We deport ourselves with kindness in the face of every creature of God, toward the flowers and crops, and trees, to the air and water. We are living in a time where so many of our certainties are being destroyed by our money-hungry leadership. We are exposed to too much by social media, and we know too little. We have to give great effort to live kindly. Trust in God’s work, no matter how slow it seems to come to us.

God is my shepherd, I need nothing. He allows me lie down in green pastures. He leads me to quieter times and refreshes my very being. He guides me along the right path. These honors, I respect and cherish. The desert fathers and mothers of first-century Christianity knew, as we should today, that God is always with us. They physically withdrew to the deserts to escape the falsehoods of the Roman Empire; we cannot do the same today. Our leaders are ever present in our lives with their destructive ideas and lack of faith in God. Our prayers for these leaders bring calm to our inner voices.

I pray that the wonder in all that is good is that I have can overcome the unreliability of our leaders, and I do not have to seek the desert for safety. God has given me an inner freedom that is a place of mystical conversion, where the structure of my old self dies, and my new self is born to be a representative of love for all of creation.

If you also wonder how great your inner peace can be, meditate on God’s goodness and the presence God has in your life. You may also wonder at the goodness of God and all creation.


Denying Temptation

Denying Temptation
            In our lives, we rarely follow what is asked of us by Jesus; we also ignore the teachings that appear in what we refer to as the Old Testament. God’s presence is always within us, if we are prepared to recognize and listen. God give us rest, when we are stressed our oppressed. He knows us by name, since before we were born. What is true is that God is true in us. We need to sense this intuitively, not intellectually. To me this is what we refer to as a no-brainer.
            Because we are creations of God, we are empowered to create more love in this world. We need to demonstrate and practice compassion in everything we do in our daily lives. This is the blessing we receive to share that comes from God. When we give and practice to everyone and everything, we are giving back to God what is given to us. God creates from within us, and these creations are eternally growing and changing life for the best there is. We have many gifts and many ministries to share.
            Thank God for that!!!

Over and Over and Over

Over and over and over


Tell me, over, and over, and over

We are busy killing ourselves


We don’t know how to change

We’re drowning in a very deep gulf of waste

Everything is wrong but seems so right

Everything right seems so strange


Tell me, over, and over, and over

Why we only know wars


We’re sending our youth to endless wars

Our leaders are numb to any reasonable peace

We own more guns than Bibles

We have more guns than people


Tell me, over, and over, and over

Why we need our automatic guns


The killing goes on in nightclubs

The killing goes on in shopping malls

The killing goes on is schools

The killing goes on in churches

And synagogues

And mosques

And temples

The killing grounds are in our front yards


Tell me, over, and over, and over

Our world is a good killing ground for our future


The ice caps are melting to drown us, I guess

The cities are flooding but caring is less

Our oceans are filthy with our plastic waste

Killing the fish with no lack of haste


Tell me, over, and over, and over

That we don’t care to change our ways

The faster we go to end our days


Tell me, over, and over, and over

Tell me, over and over, and over



God’s Children

God’s Children

We are the children of God; we cannot sell ourselves short. There is a prophetic message to all people, regardless of their backgrounds, race, religion, or sexual preference. If we allow ourselves to be open, to recognize and respect the tiniest things on this earth, we will show our love and honor for God’s presence in our lives.

We are God’s shining light, defeating the darkness of the world, of our lives. When each day dawns, our morning stars rise in the sky and in our hearts. Our rising confirms our small place in God’s massive eternity. When we rise each morning with love in our hearts, we rise is glory without the media-induced fears that bombard our minds hourly.

Look at all things, all people, all creatures as creations of God. the dandelion in my front yard is just as important to God as the Shenandoah mountains to the west of my house. I am a tiny atom in God’s universe, yet I play an important role when I live God’s special covenant with humanity. God sees me as His child; therefore, I am able to rejoice with trembling happiness of the life I live.

I have lived on the mountain; I have lived in the valley; as with all of my fellow humanity, I am blessed as I put my trust, my life in God’s hands.

Meditative Prayer

Meditative Prayer


I meditate on God’s commandments

and envisage his Words as my way.

God’s words are gifts of Love;

I treasure God’s life within me.


God’s words give me understanding

to Love deeply.

I find wisdom in God’s presence

as a gift of eternal Love.


With God’s wisdom in my heart,

my soul is at ease.

God’s Love preserves me;

my understanding keeps me strong

and delivers me from the way of sin.


Doorway to the Universe

Doorway to the Universe:


When my wife and I move to Fredericksburg Va. In 2009, we immediately began attending an Episcopal Church that had a terrific outreach program. In due time, we became Episcopalians. In the same time, we began working with the small food pantry in the church. By 2011, my wife and the deacon at the church began studying ways to increase this food pantry to be more serving to the population that was in need. In 2012, St. George’s opened what became known at The Table. This was an open market style food pantry based on what Sara Miles was doing in San Francisco. This past year, the budget for the table was $60,000, mostly paid for by donations and grants, serving the people over 250,000 pounds of fresh produce that year. My wife was just celebrated by our local newspaper, along with the other two women who have spearheaded this.


I quickly realized that this food market was “not my bag.” I first faced this base reality after a near-fatal auto accident in 1985. When I recovered, I returned to college, then began teaching in high school; by the time we moved into Fredericksburg, I was teaching literature and writing in a local community college. Both in high school and in college, the leaders recognized something in me that I did not see at the times. Many of my students were physically and mentally disabled, and when teaching in college, were war veterans with psychological problems. I spent hours working with these students outside of class time. Many are still friends, even though I have now retired. One of my high school students carved a cane in the shape of a Watchung Indian totem. I have used this cane since 1995. It is a reminder to me that the least of these are in fact the most cherished.


I now devote my time as a personal prayer minister and a Stephen Minister, bringing God’s light into the lives of my fellow beings who incorporate the body of Christ. The secrets shared by others in our prayer corner, heard only by the two or three of us and God, are the most wonderful experiences of feeling god within us, growing to the point of healing our minds and relinquishing our fears.


Every time I enter the prayer corner, or sit with a care receiver, my personal issues are reduced to insignificance, and the power of God within both of us bring us a sense of calm, a sense of the future of our lives as living representatives of the body of Christ. The brothers and sister who share these experiences bring us both to understanding that we are in fact God’s creations, just as much as Jesus is God’s creation. We are connect to Jesus Christ because we also are God’s children, worthy of al that God’s Grace gives.



The Path I Walk is the Light of God

The Path I Walk is the Light of God

God has given humanity the spirit of free will, eyes to see what it wants to see, and ears that hear but do not listen. In all of the Abrahamic religions, man is taught to accept the stranger at the door, to feed the hungry, and to give clothes to the poor.

In the book of Samuel, we are taught to count all the money given to the church, be it alms, or tithing. Then we are to take the money and distribute it to those who work; but we have not done that. The money we receive is all to often given for bigger churches, gold and silver chalices, plush meeting halls, and in some cases our own pockets. The more we ignore the poor, the less we love ourselves.

This is not what God intended. We are caretakers of our brothers; amassing great wealth in or out of the church is not what God wants of us. He wants us to be tending to those in need. From Psalms I read that God’s word is a lamp unto my feet; God lights my way; I am to walk in the path of God’s light. I have taken God’s word as my legacy; I, therefore, cannot overlook my brother begging on the corner for a few dollars to feed his family. If I were richer, I would give more. I shame myself, when I cannot give the poor all I own.

God has given me great gifts over my life; I must share these gifts with others. I want to understand, not just see; I want to listen, not just hear; I want to love, not just to accommodate. This is the light of God that I want to always walk in.

A Lighter Burden

“I have decided to stick with love, for hate is too

heavy a burden to bear.” Martin Luther King

Let us sow our seeds

in the peaceful

rectitude of God

for His wisdom is pure.

Let us be born of God.

Let us go into the House of God

and hold fast to His Grace.

Whomever is born of God

overcomes hardships.


Be the light of life,

glory God in heaven,

bring an end to suffering,

raise those who mourn,

bring them into God’s true light.


Be gentle and merciful,

become pure in heart,

see God in all His glory,

raise all you meet

from their troubles


God is Life;

God is Love;

God is freedom.

God will be my life;

God will be my love;

God will bring me freedom

to conquer sin within


Blessed will be those

who follow in His light.

Blessed will be those

who sow their seeds in peace,

for God is pleased

when man holds fast to His Grace.