When One Suffers. . .

Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

We all live a life wavering spiritually between times of pleasure and times of remorse, wondering why the kayak we occupy is always scaling the rapids. Happy or sad, we spend our time criticizing other travelers for their heritage or beliefs. We are not happy with ourselves, and therefore are critical of others. We cause others to suffer needlessly; we are drowning in denunciations of others.

We distrust and dislike others because our faith lacks personal commitment. Faith is not a noun! Faith is an active verb not a passive one. We must be faith in God, in ourselves, and in others, practicing goodness and love as God’s invitation asks. True Love is eternal and is pure affection for all when shared.

When one member of our human family suffers, we all suffer. . . together on a violent river of greed, envy, and hatred. We cannot afford to practice any of these negativities. Our experiences are both mutual, that is communal, and provisional, relying on brotherly love and faith. Our actions are experiential, relying on mutual love and respect. Spiritually we do not and cannot choose hate over love, greed over sharing, or envy over goodness. Our spiritual existences are directly tied to God’s Truths; we cannot live outside of this Truth.

What we can do is study and live God’s Love and Truth, bringing these into our daily mortal lives, relieving suffering for others and for self. This is the example that Jesus lived and taught. This is God’s promise of Life without suffering. God’s Life is real. . . forever; suffering is a mortal construct that may seem real but is invalid in God’s Life and Love.

 ©Russell Kendall Carter

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