The Lord is My Light and My Salvation


God is Love; God is Life; God is eternal; therefore, Love and Life are eternal. In God’s realm, all are eternal. As with all of us, I am God’s creation in Life and Love. I, therefore, am both perfect and eternal. We are, I am if anything a perfect reflection of God, and as with a reflection, things are reversed which can distort our understanding of the relationship between God and Man.

We are the living temples of the living God. Although we are merely reflections, our core is our Soul and that belongs to God. For this reason, I and my spirit, not my flesh, represents myself when praying and meditating with God at my side. This is spiritual love; this is God’s Love at work within. We lack nothing in life for God speaks and works with us and through us all our lives.

 ©Russell Kendall Carter

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