Look for God – Always

“I am the Lord, your God” shouts Leviticus (26:1).

All we need do is open our hearts and listen with our souls and find God. I follow my heart, finding the treasure of eternal life and the everlasting lovingkindness that only God grants. He fills me with goodness and longing to share His good news with all. Like all, I am ignited by His divine flame which nurtures honesty and Truth within myself. Where God dwells!

My meditations on the teachings of Jesus lead me from the darkness of my life to understand the glory of God, who created me as an amazing and complex entity, an entity that is eternally spiritual. Jesus, the Divine way-shower leads me into Truth and Life, giving me more knowledge than I can possibly understand. But it is there for me to learn; it is there for me to purify myself in God’s Love and Life, as Jesus did.

Through God’s miracle of Life I breathe freely each day; this breath is God within and without, communicating with me. I need not look any further, for God is in me, God surrounds me.

©Russell Kendall Carter

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