Joy as a Paradoxical Gift

God’s Love opens the glorious possibilities of mankind, removing any limitations seemingly so relevant by mortality; God enlightens my darkness. I ask you to celebrate this with me. Join me in this journey. Please, join me. It is a journey; no, it is a beloved journey to finding joy.

God is at work in and around us, healing, loving, and comforting, giving us light, not darkness, eliminating hatred with Love, overcoming evil with good. needing courage to bring the joy of Love to our life.

The Holy Spirit is filled with gracious and loving aid to the poor bringing the brotherhood of the living God to our midst. God rejoices when we turn to face those in need rather than refuse to look at it. Our tender love and compassion brings the joy that only God can give to all involved.

Matthew writes that it is wrong for us to amass great wealth at the expense of the poor. We are to act in love and compassion in anticipation of the good, God in our lives. My mission in life is to keep bringing goodness, healing, and love to all whom I meet. The Kingdom of Heaven rules within, only we can allow This Kingdom to rule without.

 ©Russell Kendall Carter

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