Room for Prayer

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My life runs amok each time I fail to pause allowing the presence of God in my very being. When I fail to open the room of my heart to God, I cannot function in my ministry. Regardless of the difficulty, I do not fear for God encloses me in His beloved care. God is all-in-all and His ever-present Life of Love eases the path I walk. God truly wipes away the fear and indecision in my Life. His Live of Life encompasses and boosts my very being.

I struggle to deny the forces that try to prevent me from attaining the totality of my meditative spirituality. My mortal brain tends to slip into outdated, forsaken thoughts. But when I reach the level of blessedness to grasp pure spirituality, my struggles slip into insignificance. Thus, I am spiritually governed by divine Truth. Artificial charisma and material despotism no longer control my waking hours.

My prayers and meditations cry to Wisdom; Her voice expands my understanding of Truth and Life, allowing me to supplant my own physical suffering with prayers for those in need of God’s Love and attention.

Make room for prayer in your life; enjoy the benefits of Jesus, the Christ within.

 ©Russell Kendall Carter 

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