We are ambassadors of goodness, the Divine Love of God. There is no way around it, brothers and sisters, we are God’s children and must act as such. We are the new ministers of God’s Word. I look beyond the words of our Bible to understand what message the authors were sending. If we truly believe in the scriptures as God’s Words, then it is our duty to search for what God wants when reading them.

My understanding of scripture begins and ends with love, the Divine Love that Jesus taught and lived by example for us. Because it is only through the Light of God and the Knowledge Jesus taught that we are truly able to say to our fellow man, I Love You, thereby bringing eternal peace. Jesus gave and demonstrated true Life and true Love.

When our spiritual reality is understood, we see each other as equals, not of a particular race or sex but as brothers and sisters living under the protective and loving care of an infinite god, the only true God, the creator of all. It is only when we understand that we are only truly spiritual that this is possible. Our mortal bodies have limited use; our spiritual selves are eternally bonded to God.

During my daily meditations, I search scripture and other theological works; since these are written by mere men and women, I understand that there are personalities and possible prejudices included in the interpretations. But there is always a truth underlying what is written. It is these truths that I investigate. It is these that come directly from God. Our mortality is our fictitious creation; the mind we call our own, which is given by and an eternal part of God, is the Mind that I study and crave.

It is this Mind that I believe for which we are all ambassadors, created to spread the Truth and Light that Jesus offered and invited us to share. 

©Russell Kendall Carter

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