She is the God Who Sees Me!

My old body, broken and painful as it is, is the world as we know it, struggling to survive with an uncertain future. There are three promises I make to those with whom I pray. But I also make them to God. As we suffer and pray together, our loving and tender Father-Mother God nurtures us.

St. Paul offers three ways we can heal ourselves; we must show concern and love each other with no walls to separate us. God asks us to respect and love those members of society on the bottom rungs. Jesus demonstrated this every day of His life on Earth. Finally, we must accept that we are all one body in God’s Creation. And when one of us is ailing we are all weakened by our illness.

These practices are God’s gifts to us; they are easy to keep in mind, but difficult to put into practice. When we practice these gifts, we are blessed to be in the protective comfort of God’s loving world.

God asks so little and gives so much. Together we accept God’s eternal creation, and we are created eternal, as God is. We are Her children, perfect in every way. The tender Love of God is forever; She is the God who sees us and walks with us, every day of our lives.

Before you all jump on me for my feminine pronoun, remember, God is not human and has no human features. and reading the Bible, God created male and female, created He them in His (or Her) image and likeness.

 ©Russell Kendall Carter

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