Probation after Death

I believe that my life is a period of probation, a term to prove my love of human kindness. This Love given to us freely by the protective and gracious God.

I believe that only my physical body faces death. The real me, the true me, created by God and placed in my mother’s womb, is eternal. I am reflective of the living God’s Holy Creation of Man.


OKAY! Let’s get to a discussion: the   writes: “In God have I put my trust. . . (56:11).” There are times that my mortal mind shows me that the darkness I face is the true light. If that is so, then I would not face disappointment and regret when the end does not meet the expectation. Only the Light of God gives truly positive endings. My success is only evident when I walk in the light of the living. I know this because whenever I read my Bible, new or old testaments, God’s Truth and Life triumphs

Reading the story in Luke when Jesus entered Nain, he stopped to bring a man back to life who was being transported for burial. Jesus understood that death does not conquer life. The spiritual man, God’s creation, does not die. When we understand the significance of stories such as this, God delivers us from death for our seeing true Light brings us eternal Life. Isaiah reminds us, “Arise, shine, for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee (60:1).”

God gives us the Spirit of Love not fear, so I do not fear death. As a mortal, I am in no hurry to experience it, but I know that it is God’s choice when. God does not work on my time frame. My life, my probation time on earth, is filled with Love, which gives me power unheard of; God is within me forever, allowing me to be a chaplain of Truth to all I meet.

©Russell Kendall Carter

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