The Many Names of God

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It is our ignorance of God which brings forth anger, hatred, and other tumults. We all have names for God; in the Abrahamic religions, there are three: YHWH, God, and Allah. In the religion I am closer to, God has three names: God, The Christ, and The Holy Spirit. Around the world, there is a different name for God, depending on the religion. And around the world, there are as many names for God as there are religions. To all of us, we are the ones who worship the true god.

I have better names for God; names that if we all adopted there would be no unrest and conflict between us. If we call God by the names Life, Truth, and Love, we may be able to join our hands in at least one of these names for God. God is spirit! We can only pray to Him spiritually for no one sees a physical God. We worship Him in spirit and truth; we pray to Him and for us in spirit and truth. We can see Him only with our heart and soul for His majesty is to great for us to absorb.

I see God everywhere; I see Him in a mare licking the birth fluids from a foal standing on wobbly legs; I see God in little children playing together; I see God with people feeding and housing those in need. All of these times are times of expressions of Love, the name for God that I favor (I love). Images such as these bring me God’s Truth, God’s Wisdom, and God’s Love. These are the images I prefer as one person serves another.

All of the names for God offer immortality and eternal Love.

 ©Russell Kendall Carter

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