Prayer and God


human standing beside crucifix statue on mountain

Whether we listen or not, God speaks to us. For me, this comes during my daily prayers and meditation time. I do have to admit that most times I do not understand what is said and sometimes I don’t agree or like what is said. What I do know is that my daily periods of prayers and meditation build the faith I have that God is very active in my life. And, because I have so many physical problems related to pain, that I give myself into His care, even if the result is only an increased desire to ignore my physical problems and concentrate on my spiritual being. I do this with absolutely no reservations.

Today is Easter, the day the Bible assures us that Jesus defeat death. If this had not happened, we would have no promise of eternal life. We would have no promise of an eternity with God. This assurance means that I will not lose faith or trust that my prayers will overcome pain and loss, especially when I am praying for others. When I see others lifted by prayer, it is then that I know that God is all there is. Nothing is greater.

Today is filled with a lot of important ritualistic ceremonies in churches celebrating the reincarnation of Jesus. As important and as beautiful as these are, Jesus did not teach or live on ceremony. He lived a life demonstrating the Divine Love of God by casting out demons and healing the sick. He was scorned by men for eating with the low life and healing on the Sabbath. His life is the Divine reflection of what God wants for and by us. Let us remember this as we celebrate the grandeur of Easter Sunday.

  ©Russell Kendall Carter

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