Sirach: The Wisdom of Jesus

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Sirach; the divine wisdom, or let us say, the Divine Wisdom of God through Jesus. Jesus demonstrated the impotence of the mortal body and the superior import of the Spirit and healing power of God. Now as then, we cast this Truth aside to seek safety in our own convictions.

Two thousand years ago, man expected the Messiah to come as a Lion of God. But history tells us He came as the Lamb of God; but did He? I say we received the Lion of God. I look at the difference Jesus has made in the world, and although His actions were of peace and Love, the effect was dynamic and vibrant. And they continue to be, if we look at His teachings as Love not just nice, neat parables that tell interesting stories with a moral.

Jesus proved the fallacies of death and the infinite Truth of the Holy Spirit and eternal Life with God. He proved the power and the safety of God within us. With God within us, we cannot be harmed by the physical world. God loves and protects us from all evil and sin.

The reality of Good (God) overshadows and overcomes what man says of life and love. God’s Divine Love always overcomes mortal frailties. The Wisdom Jesus preaches is God’s Holy Gift to us, if we would only listen with our hearts and souls, not just our ears. God can speak loudly, yet as our prayers are spoken softly to God, God’s answers are as the wisp of a spring breeze, hinting the promise of Goodness in our lives. This is why we thank the Sirach of Jesus.

©Russell Kendall Carter


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