God Leads Me

I awaken each morning thanking God for another day, but I sometimes wonder if I am good enough. As with all of us, I am a perfect spiritual creation of God, but as a mortal, I know that I am not a perfect man and pray that what I do pleases Her. Mother Wisdom leads me in a direction that is many times confusing, due to my imperfect mortal mind. The new direction is different and confusing, but God leads me to His perfection allowing me to continue in my personal quest.

I know that God does not work on man’s timetable, causing us to think that he does not listen to us. One of the lessons of Jesus’ parables is to rest and patiently wait for the light of resurrection to prove to us the unprovable. My soul rises in God’s Wisdom and my heart cries out in gratitude and pleasure that my purpose is true.

As a mortal I am subjected to sadness, anger, and pain. I look to God for ways to avoid being beaten down by these human feelings. I meditate on God’s works that I can see, the kindness and love all around, the beauty of nature. But most important, I meditate on those works of God that I cannot see; and my spirit rises with God’s leadership; I am blessed. Join me!

©Russell Kendall Carter

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