Jesus’ Authority

Jesus teaches that there is no authority but that of God; and God’s Divine Truth, Divine Love, and Divine Life gave Jesus the authority to heal the sick, cure the disabled, and overcome death. Wherever He walked, He proved that the human body is frail and imperfect, but the infinite power of God is what True Life is.

My body will die, but my immortal soul will enjoy everlasting life. My mortal life is filled with discord; I am forever trying to seek comfort from pain and other trials that haunt me. However, deep within me, I know that because my trials are those of the mortal body, I am comforted by the mystery of Christ.

I am sure that due to my constant struggles, as the two disciples on the road to Emmaus did, I would probably fail to recognize Jesus walking beside us. This is due to the eternal mystery of the Divine. I lack, but try to achieve, the Divine insight to view God’s true reality.

I listen for the words of God; I await His presence within allowing me to sparkle; I long to be His servant; and I know that He in turn wants to be part of my life. Therefore, I leave a door open for Him to enter and be with me. Then I hear His words, spoken by the Holy Spirit, the sister of Jesus. I embrace His wondrous authority over all mortal things and feel His lovingkindness. Through Jesus, I am overjoyed and protected by the replete authority of God. My reality is only in God’s presence. This is Jesus’ authority, holy in all its being.

©Russell Kendall Carter

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