I Judge Not

When speaking of God’s children, we speak of all women and all men who are blessed with the Kingdom of God within them. You and I are two of these children, and we are perfect in God’s eyes. Let us be perfect in each other’s eyes.

But as humans, we judge one another, finding flaws that do not exist in God’s Kingdom. Simply put, we are not abnormal; we are perfectly normal models of God’s Holy Creation. The fact is we are spiritually harmonious with God’s Truth and Life. In God’s Creation, His Spiritual facts are the only Truths; all else is unreal and only confuse our human minds.

My intelligence comes from God’s Eternal Wisdom; you are blessed with this also. In our community of God’s children, we speak to Truth; we cannot replace God’s Truth with human desire for power; we are poor no more with the Spirit of God within us.

We do not and cannot judge one another as children of God’s Holy Creation. Since God is perfect and man is the divine image and likeness of God, true man in reality has only the substance of good in him, not evil. God’s Love gives to all, might, immortality, and goodness, which shines through all trials and hardships. 

©Russell Kendall Carter

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