Peace Within

I have an unsettling reality that at the same time frightens and lifts me to heights I have never before attained. I know that God is with me in Spirit, always; God is also with all others at the same time. This is a most-trusted gift that I realize, and I must share equally. As a human, I am the pure expression of God’s presence within me; this is called my soul, or should I say God’s Pure Possession within me. I am the human projection of Soul, and Soul is the substance of God, of Life, of Wisdom in man both individually and universally.

John (14:12) reminds us that Jesus promised that if we truly believe in Him as the Son of God, we will also do the works that he does. Life, Truth, and Love are the realities of the teachings of Jesus. They grow in Faith and spiritual understanding that God is the eternal healer. Jesus wants us to imitate Him, which is possible by the presence of God all around and all within us. God wants the incarnation to continue, and we through faith are the disciples of Jesus.

I praise and love God, but, and this is very important, I trust God. He gives me inner peace, a lasting peace that is overwhelmingly the best part of me. God’s Love is timeless! As I concentrate on my spiritual direction, as I meditate and pray to and for God, conversation between us ebbs and flows. There are innumerable periods of silence. It is in these interludes that I hear the voice of God, the tiny inner voice that attaches my soul and heart to my desires to serve Humanity, God’s Holy Creation.

I pray for the welfare and healing of my friends; I pray for the welfare and healing of my unknown friends. This is my overwhelming joy. When I am truly feeling distraught, as I pray for others, my own condition brightens. Prayer is the simplest joy of life; it is also the basic joy of life for it brings God’s Love within.

God’s responds with precious gifts when we pray, but only when prayer is shared. Prayer brings me peace within.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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