Spiritual Change

Jesus walked a very difficult path in life. His mission was necessary and holy. His spirituality was without question the greatest ever seen.

I sometimes wonder whether humanity, or anyone in humanity has the faith or even the moral integrity to walk the same path today. Do we have the moral integrity to make similar difficult choices, or are we just hollow men plodding through life avoiding all hardships and accepting any temptation that appears in front of us?

Søren Kierkegaard writes that forgiveness of another is our own forgiveness, and the forgiveness we give is the forgiveness we receive. Although Jesus says it better in Matthew, “Forgive, and you will also be forgiven. (6:14)”

We live in constant mortal reality subjected to all of the discomforts that come with it. For many, we are nothing but bystanders in the drama of our own lives. But this can be and will be different.

Read the Bible, pray. Read a newspaper, pray. Both sources carry man’s obnoxious ability to forget God and His Love for us. How different it could be if we follow what God has offered.

Profound humans, humans who care, give, you can fill what is given us so freely by God. Personally, I want God to believe in me. For this reason, I pray. It is only then that I hear His voice. My prayers and my listening to God’s voice have evolved my spiritual life to one of comfort and grace; the spiritual change I feel is the joining of myself with God.

©Russell Kendall Carter


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