His Guiding Hand

The Sermon on the Mount is without a doubt the most interesting and most important sermon ever offered for mankind. The forgiveness that Jesus offers us is stirring! there are no threats to our self-recognition, our weaknesses, or even our positions in society. There is not even a moral lesson to it unless you include the promise of eternal forgiveness.

Add the promises given in the prayer He teaches us, and we find a guiding light for our lives. As long as we live, from childhood to old age, we are comforted and blessed by the promises given us, the promises we make to God, and the promises we make to our fellow humanity. Whomever walks in God’s light walks on a path of service to others. The blessing of this is of course the presence to God within us always.

The beauty of this is that by walking on the lighted path of service, we have the power of God in our hands. Nothing can surpass or deflect our efforts to help others. Nothing is more beautiful than a church of like-minded human beings in service to the less advantaged surrounding us, and there are too many for us, but not too many when we do the work of God.

We call on the power of God to heal us when in poor health of body or mind. We can also call on His power to heal the rifts between peoples to end the eternal struggles that we have between us.

God is all powerful; God is Love; God is Truth; God is omniscient. Life, Truth, and Love are the realities of God; these three both glow and grow in faith and true spiritual Wisdom, true spiritual prayer. In our human state, our relationships and conversations ebb and flow. During the silent spaces between these phases, it is necessary for us to turn towards the Divine and allow the silent times to welcome God into our midst, thus preserving the Love God offers. This is His guiding hand of Truth and Love.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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