The Temple Within

Jesus told His disciples that in three days he would restore the temple; of course, we all know He was speaking of His body.

We are not different! Our bodies, our temples are gifts from and gifts to God.  Our temples store the presence of the Holy Spirit, protecting and guiding us through our mortal life. God’s Wisdom is His temple and is my temple if life. This gift is free and is THE WAY of God, the way of Jesus. Without this gift we cannot find God, we cannot feel the Holy Spirit within. In my waking hours, and I pray in my hours of sleep, I am always present for God’s Wisdom, for the presence is always within me. I know that miscellaneous thoughts and ideas, the trials of my life, come and go, but I also know that God’s Wisdom is always present.

My mortal life is limited, but with God’s Wisdom always within me, any trials I face are not permanent; they do not harm me, they make me stronger, in life, and in faith. A kinder, gentler world is available for me because I know that any assistance needed is always within me supported and protected by the Holy Spirit.

Holy Father, I pray that I will always be faithful to the temple You have built inside me and that I will follow your Truth always.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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