My Soul, My Salvation – a Simple Prayer

My eyes always search for the presence of the faithful; they surround me with love and comfort all day and all night long. They are a blessing I enjoy with God’s compassion. The faithful in my presence allow me to dream of the other world that is possible, the world of God, not of man. I know that in this revelation of truth, God lives within us as a nurturing Spirit.

Gracious Father, my soul suffers for Your salvation. I praise You and love You, God, yet I remain fragile; I remain vulnerable; I am completely dependent on Your Grace. My soul is a simple creature, one of Your creations. I am forever climbing Jacob’s ladder to attain a higher salvation from this wicked man-tainted world. I continually search, even though I know where true salvation lies.

I lie awake at night suffering in both physical and mental anguish; I fear for my isolation in this disparate world, awaiting Your curative presence. I turn to the paradox of my very mortal life. I search for the revelation that Jesus brought forth the knowledge that the human and the divine are joined forever; they are not separated by man’s foolishness. My true self dwells with the Divine God of my fathers, of my fellow humans, with my very soul; this is my salvation.

© Russell Kendall Carter


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