Our Core of Listening  

Chatter. . . chatter. . . is all we hear. . . all day long, on the radio, on the tv, from our cellphones. We are under a constant barrage of daily nonsensical chatter that only disturbs us. All we hear or read raises questions, most of which cannot be answered by our closed secluded minds. And this is not to mention (although I am about to) alternative facts. We do realize that there is no such thing as alternative facts; there are facts and non-facts, also called opinions.

With each new dawn comes a new life for us to experience if we open our hearts and minds lifted to the golden care of God. Listening is the core of life, but not listening to our distractions, listening to God, listening for His (or Her) tender, quiet voice.

Listening is the core of life! Listening creates bonds between people, and more importantly, bonds between mankind and God. God sees us as we really are; and if we listen carefully, God challenges us to grow, to improve. We can grow into the person we are meant to be, just by listening to God and for God. We are stewards and caretakers for each other; together we find the gifts of life; we find God’s Wisdom in our communal life and understanding. We become gifts for each other in life, in life with God.

I rejoice in the knowledge that God in my quiet hours of listening brings me both love and meaning to my life, my life with others. The Holy Spirit becomes strong in me, bringing me compassion for every soul in God’s creation.

My prayer for healing today:

Heavenly Father, Compassionate God, I am grateful for the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We know we are the present messengers for your Son here on Earth. We thank You for the Wisdom of being able to live without fear. We thank You for giving us the questions in our quiet times so that we are able to answer them with wise and comforting responses to aid everyone we are blessed to meet in life. You share the Wisdom you possess with us, but we also understand that You are greater than all Wisdom.

Gracious God giving us the gift of listening.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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