Spirit and Language

We all pray! Even if we do not realize that we pray! I am in constant chronic pain, yet I awaken each morning with a “Thank You, God for another day on Earth.” This is the simplest of prayers. Reading scripture, I often come across the phrase, “Pray constantly,” or something to that extent. This often causes me to think that my life is constant prayer, mainly for others, but selfishly for myself, too.

So, I ask, “What spiritual language do you speak when praying?” Language does not matter; God understands all! We should never approach prayer timidly. Prayer is one of the most (if not the most important) thing we can do in our spiritual lives. Prayer draws the attention of God as He carefully looks at both humanity and the heart of those who pray. We are blessed to have this most important presence in our lives.

I look back on the good that I have done, and unfortunately, I also see the harm that I have caused. My past cannot faded from my memory, but I dwell not on the past, for God is more interested in my future, a future pledged to be one beyond the storms that inhabit our existences, a future that hopefully, with God’s eternal help, which benefits all my brothers and sisters who toil along with me.

Nothing in our world stays the same. Our hopes and our dreams walk side by side, as we do in our struggles. When I am in pain, so is my brother in Christ. What I do when my life is consumed by pain and what I do when my brother’s life is full of pain is recorded and reverberates throughout many lifetimes that follow. Our goodness and our evils affect our own and the following generations.

My life is an endless search for Truth; life is a sum total of all that we do, all that we share, and all that others do and share. When we share our spiritual language with all of the selfless love we can generate, we have an intimacy with God that is eternal and raises our souls (which are attached directly to God) to infinite heights.

What spiritual language do you use when praying? It doesn’t matter; God hears and shares with us the Holy words spoken by those who pray.

 © Russell Kendall Carter

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