The Question of Prayer

The only way to seek unity with God is through prayer. As we know, prayer is the longing of the heart for God. Many of us use prayer only to ask God for something we are unable to attain ourselves, such as healing. This makes prayer extremely self-serving. Image what the world would be like if we used prayer solely for others.

In my prayers for the health and welfare of all, I experience great Love, great Hope, and a great increase in my belief and trust in God. My life is a roller coaster; one could say unpredictable. But with prayer, God and His Mercy comforts me. In Mark’s gospel, we encounter a very human Jesus; Jesus presents himself as a human affected by societal misbehavior and personal jealousies, greed, and prejudice. Jesus is always on the side of the downtrodden. He brings Grace into our presence.

Seeing the mortal Jesus in this venue increases our belief in honesty and Truth and the power of true Love as only God can give. The Love of Jesus and the Love of God invites us to tackle those hardships coming on the horizon. We are offered the opportunity to end all oppression and exploitation. We don’t look back for the future is ours and what we make it to be. Let us join in prayer, intimately, and bring God’s Word to life. If life is the sum of our choices, let’s opt for Truth.

 © Russell Kendall Carter

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