What is Your Special Assignment?  

We all have a special assignment from God. Some of us never find it due to blindness to Truth. I am nearing my seventy-ninth birthday; I am also meditating about what God wants of me in my later years; I know I am not finished with my mission in life. In my prayers, I listen for God’s words, which leads to true Wisdom, which in turn leads back to God. I write the words given to me for they are not mine; they are God’s. All thoughts originate with God and are transported to us through our meditations and prayers.

I am blessed to have knowledge granted to me by God, but I also realize that I am only given a small sliver of True Wisdom. Unlike God, I cannot deal with all of the Wisdom He holds, but with what He gives me, I try to use it honestly. I wonder and speculate all the time; to me this is both the beginning and the ending of knowledge. With every word I read, I realize that I am closer to Wisdom. But with the time it takes to attain this knowledge I sometimes feel I am in a timeless realm of both simplicity and complexity. This, unfortunately, is our normal state as humans.

When I find myself floating in the vast mystery of life that surrounds me, I turn to my faith in God to be totally absorbed into His presence. This is the only way that I can retain and ascertain the simplicity of life in God’s realm. This gift of simplicity is where I find myself when I look for my special assignment. Even in my older age, I know that God brings the divine to my doorstep. And then I find myself on the path to the mission God has designed for me.

And. . . I am blessed.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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