Living in Peace

One of man’s greatest desires is to live at peace, at peace with others yes, but at peace with self, which is probably more difficult than being at peace with others. Experts say that to actively have a good relationship with others we should determine the value of the relationship, talk, and be honest. This is not so easy when the problem is self. Living at peace with self can be much more difficult because our values and desires for self are problematic. We want more than we have, and I am not referring to money or wealth.

For years I struggled with dissatisfaction about what I was and what I should have been. Most of this changed when I became a teacher, but some doubts and dissatisfactions persist. I want to be better than I am. But then I remember. . .

I am whom God made! My will and faith is my hope for the world; this translates that my faith is also for the comfort in my own future. Therefore, I know I will live with internal peace. Jesus promises that I will have a divine comforter in my travels; call this God or call this the Holy Spirit. I have this eternal protector saving me from all evil. I shout for joy and sing God’s praises.

Jesus also goes on to say that He will come back because He loves me; as I love God, I am loved by God; as I love God, I love others and others love me. This is my blessing. This is my comfort. This is my sustenance, for the bread from heaven is God and gives me eternal life. I know this because each time I go out at night, I am awed by the appearance of the eternal in the night sky. I am at peace with the world. I am at peace with myself. I share this peace with others.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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