We need community! None of us are loners; we depend on others for simple things. . . such as life. All people are considered to be community. We find a way to relate to others, finding kindness, finding sanctity. It is in our DNA. We believe in one another for that is God’s wish. It is the innate kindness within us.

When we follow the teachings that Jesus taught, and we understand how we are to live. I imagine a world of peace and understanding. The risk in this is the disapproval of those seeking power only. When we celebrate the eucharist, we share the bread and wine blessed by God; some do not understand that when we share a regular meal with others, our food is also blessed by God for He knows us when we do this simple thing.

Part of our community is the land we live on. This also must be loved and respected by us to truly feel the blessings of God. I see the birds flying high overhead and the four-legged creatures in the woods around my home. These are our earthly family; these we must also love and honor. God placed them their for our benefits; we need not waste.

I read and study the Gospels of Christ; I believe in them; I trust them. To all who follow God’s lead, blessings are received, and salvation is given. First the Jew, then the Christian, and our brothers, the Muslims, finally all the remaining people on Earth. All are blessed children of God. All are welcome at my table.

My prayer today is that we all recognize the truth as written in our Bible and the bibles of all religions. All are welcome at our tables.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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