Image and Imagination

We are made in the image of God, but we cannot imagine how God looks. But we need no imagination to feel God within us. God is now; the Spirit is now, and the Goodness of God is all around us and within us. In God there is perfect freedom, where our souls take to soaring above the mundane problems of this world.

We need not imagine how affective our vision is for the world; see the good we have done for others. What we do for the world we do with the blessings and wishes of God. The image of God is within us, bringing us to be in a state of spiritual imagination, imagining what our deeds will do to bring society back to God. Community profits when servants (us) reach out and disregard any and all differences to help one another.

There is room at God’s Table for all; God awaits in silence for our capitulation to this one true fact. People of color, women, and other oppressed individuals throughout history have been disregarded and forgotten, only to be creators of great inventions for mankind. And yet, we ignore them and oppress them. This is not the way of God. As a white male, I take the risk of derision each day as I recognize the importance of all individuals, not just those who look the same as me.

In my servitude for others, I laugh, I sing, I dream that God’s peace surrounds us. This is my way of feeling God’s presence within us. This present moment is like none other and has no competition. We are truly blessed by God’s presence; this is image, not imagination.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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