God Ministers

I pray continually; no matter what I do, I am thinking and living a life of prayer. Sometimes, I am in my quiet space, but most times I am busy throughout the day. But every moment I live, I am in prayer of thanksgiving. One of my prayers, my desire is to see the face of God in others’ faces; I pray also that they see God in mine. God graces me not for my benefit, but for me to love and serve all men and women.

Disappointment comes no more; as a symbol of lost hope, it crosses my path no more, for my faith has no boundaries. I am lifted by love, which allows me to laugh a lot in my quiet life. I look outside myself to look at myself and often see the mysticism in my life; my heart is gladdened by the presence of God. He makes my spirit a strong wind that allows me to do the works of God as I travel through my long days.

I leave my spiritual blindness behind me as I greet my fellow man on the street; I recognize him as a part of our one disparate family of man, children of God. I pray that God’s angels watch over us all throughout the tempestuous times. May God encircle us all in our group hug as our storms come and go. May we leave our lives of denial accepting God who has no deadlines or requirements. We know the future of our lives is with God. We are small, but our witness to others of God’s blessings fan the globe with Love and brotherhood.

We lay offer our burdens to God for our future is only within Him. Our spirit is within God, and we find Him within during our quiet times. Heavenly Father, You have no time deadlines for you are infinite; accept us into Your mercy as we offer compassion to all our fellow creatures that You created. Help us tear down the walls created by society so that all walk in peace and the light of Christ.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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