Getting There – Getting Where?  

Ask most people where they are going and they will say to work or the store, not understanding the question. When I ask again, I will get anything from a scowl to a “why ask again” and finally to an “Oh!”

All of us are on a journey, not a journey with a defined end, but a journey just the same. It is the experience of the journey, the spirituality, which is important, not the end; we all know what the end will be. Our journey begins in our personal desert, void of spirituality; we have none, or little. We have mountains to climb and rivers to cross. And we never stop to notice what they are.

I believe the mountains are the experiences which bring us closer to God and the rivers are the prayers of hopes that God answers every day. On my journey, I ask if I truly want to get where I am going. I know that when I face trouble, God is with me to show me how to overcome obstacles. This is the spirit life at work that God gives me. Justice prevails on my journey.

My dreams are important; they lead me through the doorway that is my life to the future that is my destiny. They are the gifts of my spiritual life that have travelled with me since my own childhood.

I study scripture; the presence of Jesus in my consciousness reminds me of the compassion God has for me and for all. God’s Wisdom as my companion, charms the bright fires of my spirit that weave in and out of my life.

Each day I rise! I face the world, usually grumbling; after my morning coffee, I vow to walk with kindness greeting everyone I meet with love.

I regret I cannot sing like a bird, so I have to use mere words to say hello each day. I laugh with all whom I meet, allowing them to know that we are never alone; we have each other; we have the Holy Spirit, always with us, sharing kindness, sharing love. I will not try to be false in my greeting for I know that to share God’s Love, I must be true to myself, true to those I meet, and true to God.

Do I want to get there? (Where?) yes! And I want you to be there also. Let us share the goodness of God and travel in the same love the pets we share offer us. Wherever we end up, we will be in God’s Love.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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