The Powers of Meditation  

There is one exercise that all should practice before beginning their day, whether this is leaving the house to work or merely being productive by sitting in front of their computer. This is meditation. You do not need to be a William Shakespeare or a Stephen King to be on the road to success.

When meditating, my life becomes one of deep passion. I am presently writing about meditation and prayer. Saying this, I begin each day with a twenty-minute period of meditation without planning any thoughts. My meditations become a streaming river, calming me, relaxing my mind, opening it new ideas. At this time, many ideas pass by the row boat that carries me along my daily path. At times, this feels like an old-fashioned mule-drawn barge along the Erie Canal; at other times, my little craft is in a roaring torrent down the Snake river.

No matter which feeling I experience, my meditation and closeness to God covers my presence with a feeling of safety and courage.

One of my most beneficial forms of meditation is a modified version of Lectio Divina. Being away from physical contact with my church brothers and sisters, my Lectio becomes a solid conversation and meditation between me and God. Try it! It works! I do my daily Bible reading, ask questions to the authors, and meditate on how they would respond.

Recently, the idea of writing poetry based on scripture came to me during one of these quiet times. My immediate thought was how can I improve on the poetry of the Bible. God immediately reminded me that the words were His, not theirs. And, if I followed His lead, my poetry would be just as meaningful.


Psalm 23:

As I travel on my journey,

You are my Shepherd;

You are my holy God.

You bless me as I live

in Your wonderful Edens;

You bless me as I drink from the fruits of Your vines;

Your comfortable blessings save me from the trials of life;

Your strength usurps my fears.

My faith is restored with Your grace;

I am filled with Your blessings.

Love surrounds me,

as I live in Your light forever.


This may not be as powerful as what David penned, but it comes from my heart and expresses my modern thinking. But God reminds me that the thought and the purpose remains the same. I am safe in God’s arms.

Meditation and spirituality go a long way in sustaining our inner calm and inner strength; do not overlook the power of meditation to enhance your spirituality. Find your personal niche and proceed.

©Russell Kendall Carter



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