Peace of God Enfolds Us

May God’s Peace enfold us; drowning us in the glowing luxury of God’s Holy Word. Open our inner minds to the many mysterious impressions God send to us daily. We study and accept God’s Holy Wisdom, allowing us to listen in silence to the voices within us, teaching us who our true selves are. When the Kingdom of God is in our midst, our breathing becomes an invitation to languish in the desire for God to reach us.

God is our eternal companion; absolutely nothing is more powerful than the love and presence of God in our lives. We live in a dual world of light and dark. These twin pillars can make our lives difficult and make us angry. But when we open ourselves and let our hearts return to God, we restore our beings to the perfect world God wants for us. We are never alone, and therefore, our faith and trust grows with each passing day. We love, we hope; both are lifelines given by God. God is in our lives; let the Peace of God enfold us every day.

© Russell Kendall Carter


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