Tradition and Community

Our lives are tradition without a doubt. We live in society; therefore, we are part of a tradition. Unfortunately, the tradition we celebrate originates in humanity and therefore is doomed to failure and death. Nothing man-made is eternal.

God is the creator of all; God creates all human beings, all genders. Thus, all are holy. All of nature knows that God created every living thing, all living things. . . as they are. We are not to judge. God made us strong, giving us the power of love and self-discipline. These are from His Wisdom; His Wisdom is the world as He created it. If we love God, we love Wisdom and we love Life, all life.

Our duty is to be firm in faith, the faith given by a loving god in a community given by a loving god. With our faith in God, we gain the assurance of Hope, all Hope, the hope of the poor, the needy, the hope of the other. All mankind is the manifestation of God. Love God, love self, love all mankind; it is that simple an idea but difficult to achieve, for most of us tend to live in a state of worry. . . mortal, material worry. This prevents us from seeing God in everyone, all around.

If we recognize the Wisdom-gift, we recognize, receive, and give love, justice, protection, faith, and hope to all community in all traditions. Honor yourself, honor your brothers and sisters, honor your neighbors; honor everyone’s uniqueness; this is the work of Love. This is the work of being in the moment of reality with God as our guide.

Live in the moment; live in the tradition and live in the community of Love, of God.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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