The Work of Creation

There are many views as to when God created the Earth and the infinity of planets and stars. Being an educator, I believe in was many trillions of years ago. Saying this, I also believe that God is not finished creating the universe. With each birth of a human, a dog, a bird, or even the smallest aphid on the planet God’s creation is happening all around us.

I was born to do the will of God, which means that I am called to do the work of God’s creation. I was born to believe not only in God, not only in His creation, but I am called simply to believe. I believe in my calling; I believe in your calling. With an open mind, the generous spirit God gave me, and a very caring heart, I am a seeker. God gave me an open mind and the wisdom to use it for the improvement of mankind. I know this because I see goodness all around me; I see goodness all around you. I see God’s face in your face. Every day God speaks your name and my name; our name is love. This name calls us to find our way to doing God’s will. . . always.

The Creation of God, the Kingdom of God is within our very being; it is never out of reach. Jesus tells us that God dwells within us. We know this because each day are renewed by the Holy Spirit living both with us and within us. We are the miracle God created to heal others. We are the miracles working to remove the hardships and terrors others face. We carry the word of God, the fire of God’s language to the door of those in need.

We serve God; we do many things for others. We are people of faith! As Jesus gave His life for us; we give our lives for those who eat the crumbs left over by the dogs. We are seekers of Truth, God’s truth, not man’s. There are terrible things occurring around us each day, violence on the street, violence by our governments,

And violence in the spoken words on the news each night. We ignore these for they are wrongs done by man; we are called to do the work of creation. . . God’s Creation, not man’s. Let all men and women of faith, of character step up to do the work of creation.

© Russell Kendall Carter


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