Wisdom, God, and the Timeless Present  

When we study and learn Wisdom (not wisdom), we find a timelessness that cannot be compared with anything we previous experienced. We enter a portal that leads directly to God. We learn how to talk with God, and by talk, I mean listen. Because it is in the listening that our voice is stronger!

When I muse on the workings of God, I think of the loave and fishes and know that the word of God is Holy. My understanding of the Word leads me to know that all of His children eternal blessing. I live in my faith and trust in God keeping my promise to God, and God keeps His promise to me. This is my redemption.

God comes to me in my silence, but He does not come silently. He is a roaring lion, reminding me we are all here for a purpose; no one is to be left behind. The appalling silence of most people is a great disappointment. He speaks to me to recognize that all people are His children. All people are placed here for a purpose; we cannot judge what that purpose is. God has His Holy plan; He reveals this to us in our actions in helping others. That is our Holy destiny.

As the Psalmist writes, “O Lord, thou hast searched me, and known me.” Everyone matters, everyone is welcome, everyone is loved, everyone loves; there are no exceptions; there are no conditions. As we cast our fortunes with God, we are sustained in God’s Life, Love, and Blessings. May we all live to God’s holy wish for our lives.

“Yea, though I walk through the shadow of evil. . .”

© Russell Kendall Carter

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