I am a social person, but I love my quiet times. I put aside my restless heart, my restless mind and feel the spirit of God’s Creation. I listen; I learn. I enter the silence of Zen. God leads me into the quiet hours, where my mind and heart are in His Hands. My Gracious God fills my heart with His words.

My private sanctuary is not private; it is filled with God’s Love, God’s comfort. He teaches me a healing prayer for those with whom I pray. My meditations move from mortal reality to the happy space of God’s Spirituality. My prayers count; let His prayers comfort you. Let our prayers go on forever, going to heaven and then around our tiny globe called Earth.

Let us free ourselves from the shadow of Covid, walking beside the calm waters blessed by Jesus. Let us redeem ourselves with the sanctity of God’s healing. This is our sacred time; this is our quietude.

© Russell Kendall Carter


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