God Loves You

God is our salvation; He created us; He knows us before we are in our mother’s womb. He thirsts for our Love; He thirsts for our Trust. Yet, it should be the other way; we should thirst. God is our salvation. There is neither church nor government that does what God does for us. God speaks directly to us; we merely have to open our hearts to listen. . . to receive.

The reality of God’s Love comes to us through the teachings of Jesus, taking darkness and trepidation from our lives. God is our father, mother, brother, and sister. And Jesus comes to us in Love and humbly conquers the world. Let us reflect on all of the goodness and love that we experience each week. This comes from God.

The Bible often mentions how God lifts us and strengthen us. That is because we come to Him as imperfect beings, made in His image, but not Him. Isaiah reminds us that God is always with us, strengthens us, and helps us. Look to the sky; it brings us comfort, warmth, promise; this is God. God does wonderful things for us; therefore, nothing can be too difficult for us. Be silent, listen, pray; God Loves.

©Russell Kendall Carter


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