Have you ever read a story in the Gospels and put yourself in the scene? Don’t think less of me if you haven’t; I sometimes picture myself as an onlooker, experiencing the teachings of Jesus. It is learning from the mouth of the Master, Teach me Lord! The awareness of being in the presence of Jesus leads me closer to God, closer to God’s Holy Creation. I give thanks for the love of commitment to God and all of His ways.

It is like I am bursting with the possibility, no, the certainty of using the gifts and talents that I have for the greater good. I pray that my being is pleasing to God; yet I am sure it is because I awaken each morning knowing that God has given me more time to do His work.

God makes our bodies embodied as a living place for the Holy Spirit. He holds us to be purveyors of His Holy Words, walking in Love. We are part of His Kingdom loving our neighbors and practicing our strong faith in His presence.

God’s Kingdom is Love and with God’s Love we embrace Wisdom in its fullness. Give God’s Grace as a gift for your life. Dream, tomorrow is our gift of life; our Bible is our compass; God’s GPS. Feel the new hope that surrounds us.

Thank you, Father, for your confidence in us; thank you for the creating us to share your creation with our brothers and sisters.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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