Who am I?

I (we are) am one of the manifestations of God; He created me (us). There is nothing that can harm me. I am unique (you are unique), yet I share a commonality with all my brothers and sisters, six billion at the latest count, and I am blessed to have so many family members.

I will not let despair or problems define me. It is God and my trust in God that defines me to my family and friends. I was once told and finally learned for myself that any problems that crop up in my life are merely solutions in disguise. I live in the now; my faith and trust in God allows me to drown myself in my inner mind, my meditations, as I experience all God has for me,

to define myself, I first ask “Who am I;” then I remind myself that I do not judge others; I am a peer of others. Bringing forth these two concepts allows me to enter a much more interesting experience of prayer and of life.

I walk with God; I walk with those whom I meet. I share God’s Grace and Love.

I awake and ask who am I; when I retire for the night, I ask who am I. I am thankful to be of God.                                                                                                         

© Russell Kendall Carter


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