Wisdom and Trepidation

The choice is ours to make!

We gain eternal wisdom by listening to God and following Jesus. If we have true Wisdom, we need not fear using it to make society better. We cannot be anxious when we feel threatened by those who lack Wisdom. Anxiety or trepidation is merely a defensive mechanism to escape a troubling situation.

We perform in the light of Wisdom, practicing the Grace of God. This is walking with the love of Jesus and His humility. We have many great references in the Bible for inspiration, but I love John 1:17, “For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.” From this we can hold all that is good in our hearts and share this goodness with all.

In our culture, we often mistaken trepidation for feebleness, failing to exhibit artificial strength. My disagreement cannot be stronger; we do not have to be obnoxious or pushy to practice wisdom. Our wholeness and grace come from God, creating a bounty of goodness and fulfillment unmatched by arrogance.

When profit or political power are more important than people’s welfare and being, dictatorship and militarism may soon follow. This is not the society we want. We want a society of goodness and grace, the goodness and grace that can only come from God.

I prefer that which comes from God’s eternal Wisdom; I may be meek; I may be soft-spoken, but I try to be like Jesus, remembering that the greatest among us is truly a servant of the people. I pray we can emulate Jesus and follow in His footsteps.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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