Twin Pillars of Human Existence

Spirituality and caution are two important pillars of our life of faith. Neither is a means to an end; however, both are expressions of mindfulness and understanding. They are the demonstrated proofs and tools of Wisdom and are to be used judiciously and free of any hint of condemnation or accusation.

When first meeting people, our vigilance, our internal awareness, and acceptance of the stranger as a family member is shown outwardly by our ascetic display of acceptance and brotherhood. We cannot care whether this person is a sinner; for we are all sinners, and as part of humanity, he also is God’s next of kin. We are all made in His image.

As I walk daily on the pathway of truth and light, may I always offer kindness to others; may I also live my life of prayer, and may God hear my prayers and the prayers of all His children.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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