My Presence


My presence is with God; I am mindful of my cherished Love and relationship with Him. I am strong in my Love of God for He keeps me alive in His Holy Kingdom. My forefather was made from the dust of the earth. The earth surrounds me. When I am with the earth, I am in silence, listening. . . listening. My personal survival depends on the earth, God’s Holy creation. I am not the center of my universe; it is God whom I long to please.

I approach the subject of my presence slowly, quietly, reverently, listening for God wherever I may go. I know that when I listen for the presence of God, I leave my self-contained, private world and become a part of His Spiritual Kingdom. I trust the lovingkindness of God to carry me through my trials; my individuality is not trustful when I doubt; therefore, I turn to God and enter that loving space between heaven and earth, my place of prayer. It is then that I offer my prayers of intercession for others. For I know that by lifting my fellow man in prayer, I am strong in God. And others are strong in God.

Heavenly Father, we all walk in the shadow of death and hard times; it is Your Love that lifts us and returns us to life and health. It is Your Love that my presence rises to help others in their troubles; thank You, God, for allowing me to pray, to live, to love.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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