Spirit and Body

The Buddha says: “the body dies, but the spirit is not entombed.” Although there is much wisdom in this, I agree with what the Bible says, “When you receive life from the Father, it will create a vitality on the inside of you that is contagious and fruitful!” This is so emboldening that I can break free from what troubles me, what habits I have, and rise from whatever problems I have, out of the pain I suffer. This is the free will, given to us by God who Loves.

I know that I am forgiven for what mistakes I make, for the healing and justice promised by Jesus are gifts for a shared life. We live together; we cannot avoid this. When Jesus asks us to love our neighbors, this is not just a commandment; it is a sensible way to live. My neighbors surround me. It would be untenable for me to not have a good relationship with them, not share the life we live.

Our body is the life we share with others, the community of respect and hopefully love. The spirit within us and the Holy Spirit within all of us, complement the body, our personal body, our communal body, and the body of Christ. The Spirit and the Body cannot be separated. What a blessing!

© Russell Kendall Carter

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