Centers – Mind, Body, Heart

I awakened this morning with my usual aches and pains. With my spinal fusions and herniated discs, I can allow my mind to concentrate only on my body. And believe me, I do that some days. But sooner or later, my mind turns to things not connected to the body. My physical body does not represent who I am. I am reminded of the thought by one of the great thinkers of Western theology that the foundation we are built on is not our own. We are built on a more perfect foundation, that of God.

We stand on this foundation as holy representatives of God. When I awaken from my body-centered mind, I begin to build on the gift of life that God gives me each morning. In my meditations, I always re-discover that it is my job to build on what God has given me, love, determination, service. And so, I set our on my day to do so.

I ask myself to allow my light to shine ever more clearly to others; this reflects on Matthew 5:16, where Jesus asks us to allow our light to shine, glorifying God. What a wonderful mission! I thank God for allowing me to be a part of his group project, called mankind, this wonderful mission. I am truly blessed to trust God as I do. I pray that others around our small planet can also be confident in the Grace of God.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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