An interesting word, Zeal! Its basic meaning is enthusiasm, which can be good or bad. Basically, good zeal is passion, passion for something worthwhile and good for all; bad zeal is fanaticism, fanaticism that lacks respect for all creation. From the Bible, I learn that God will do new things, things that spring forward; all I must do is feel it, recognize it within me. God promises to make an easy path in my own personal wilderness, bringing me into His glory.

When I have love and respect, I share God’s love for all; I put aside my personal plans and resentments to those ahead of me, or behind me. I await recognition of God within and my position in society’s line matters not. Today, I turn my zeal to pray for those harmed by natural forces, suffering from illness and loss of family, and those stoned to a near death by society. I have to come to a place in my life where I say, “O Lord, give me strength to help my brother!”

© Russell Kendall Carter

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